Robin Janssens focuses on 5 key elements for rapid growth


While businesses can vary tremendously, their operation and core concepts can be remarkably similar. Born entrepreneur Robin Janssens focuses on corporate ecosystems to scale businesses with a proven methodology. He identifies five key elements to successfully scaling any business: marketing, sales, employees, data science, and delivery. By focusing on all of these elements instead of just one, Robin has developed an effective technique for scaling any company of any size.

This formula also permits for very rapid scaling. Before utilizing Robin’s guidance, a business needs to be ready to grow quickly. His own companies, a marketing and accounting agency plus an Uber driving academy, scaled up at exponential rates using their founder’s method. Now, Robin is on a mission to share this knowledge with other companies to promote their rapid scaling.

This calls for a closer look at the five elements Robin incorporates for business growth. Marketing and sales are fairly straightforward. Marketing promotes a company with the goal of increased sales as increased sales lead to greater revenues. As for employees, any successful company needs a strong team to generate said success. Data science has been a hot topic in the corporate world recently, and advances in technology have allowed companies to harness this information like never before.

For those unfamiliar with data science, it is a modern discipline that combines computer science, modeling, statistics, and analytics to help organizations make objective decisions. Basically, a company can translate these findings into valuable business strategies. The last element, delivery, means application of the information deducted from data science.

By using his own method, Robin now has more than 10 companies, employs over 100 people, and has scaled his organizations to revenues in the millions. This is tangible proof of the success this simple yet effective method can help any organization achieve.

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