Agyinsam Foundation organises medical screening in Twifo/Hemang/Lower Denkyira District


Over a 1,000 people in the Twifo/Hemang/Lower Denkyira District in the Central Region of Ghana have benefitted from a two-day medical screening exercise organised by the Agyinsam Foundation.

The beneficiaries of the free medical screening exercise included men, women and children who received screening for various health conditions – including obesity, hypertension, diabetics, inflammatory conditions, skin diseases, worm infections, hepatitis, eye, full blood count, malaria, among others.

After the medical screening, those diagnosed with some defects and ailments were given free medication and counselling and were also advised to visit medical facilities for further treatment.

Founder of the Agyinsam Foundation, Lawrence Agyinsam, spoke about the motivation for the medical exercise by the foundation and its collaborators. “The focus of the foundation is to ensure the well-being of the people within the Twifo/Hemang/Lower Denkyira District and beyond. In addition to building their capacities and enhancing their employable skills, we are also interested in their health. Without a doubt, a community is guaranteed growth and development when its populace is in good health,” he revealed.

Mr. Agyinsam further commended Equity Health Insurance for partnering with Agyinsam Foundation to bring relief to the people as well as those who participated in the medical screening for their time and patience as a result of the high patronage of the medical screening exercise.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Equity Health Insurance, Elton Fredrick Afari, indicated that the free medical screening falls under the health pillar in terms of his organisation’s corporate social responsibility.

“We always want to ensure that communities and clients within our operational areas and beyond are healthy to enable them to be more productive and very efficient. This will go a long way to strengthen the community and contribute to the country’s development.

That remains the key motive for us in partnering with the Agyinsam Foundation to undertake this free medical health screening. We are grateful to our team of health professionals for the great work they did in those two days in our quest to meet the SDG on health,” he emphasised.

In addition, the health screening exercise is to create awareness among the community for them to appreciate the need to seek early medical treatment to boost their health, thereby enhancing productivity and income generation among them.

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