GMABC designates April as the ‘Technology Month’


Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company (GMABC), the parent company of media giants Happy FM, YFM and e.TV Ghana has set aside the month of April to celebrate technology and its advancements, especially in the era of COVID-19, as part of its themed month series.

As a responsible media house, the GMABC brand launched the themed month series in 2020 as part of efforts to educate listeners and provide value to its numerous clients. This year (2021), the brand dedicated January to the Fresh Start Campaign, February was the month of love and March, Cultural history month.

With the month of April dubbed ‘Technology Month’, the brand will create, educate and share exclusive content on technology and how Ghanaians, especially the youth can take advantage of it. The content which will be shared on the brand’s traditional and social media platforms will be done with the combined efforts of GMABC and Ghanaian technological giants, ShrinQ Limited and AUteledoctor.

Director of Broadcasting for GMABC, Timothy Karikari speaking at the launch of Technology Month shared that technology has changed the way of life of citizens of the world. He noted that people do not need to join long queues at taxi or bus terminals anymore but with the advent of ride-hailing apps, one can just order for a ride from the comfort of her or his home.

“Tech has influenced our lives and changed a lot of things from transportation to the media space and medicine. With technology becoming an integral part of our everyday life, we at GMABC have decided to delve into technology and how to apply and deal with it in our lives this April,” he stated.

The month-long activity will focus on weekly thematic areas. In week one, ‘Tech in Health and Education’ will be in focus. The various shows across the brand will look at the contribution of technology in disease research, healthcare administration and how it removes geographic boundaries to education.

The second week will focus on the sub-theme, ‘Fintech and Business Technology’. Here, listeners and viewers will be educated on the safe use of digital payment platforms, digital and cryptocurrency with a special focus on e-commerce.

With the youth being hooked to everything smart, the 3rd week will be dedicated to discussions on ‘Smart Homes & Devices’. The brand’s audiences will be taken through the processes of maximizing smartphones and how to take advantage of them to make ends meet, whilst also addressing issues of cyberbullying and security.

Saving the best for last, the brand will take a critical look at ‘Tech in Media and Transportation’ in the 4th week.

Founder and Director of ShrinQ Limited, Stephen Ameyaw speaking about the partnership described it as one of repute.

“COVID-19 has had serious implications on companies and they were forced to evolve by turning to technology and IT for business sustenance. But currently, the Kasoa killing has brought a lot of negatives to technology and now, we want to educate and shed a positive light on tech. That is why we decided to bond with a reputable company like GMABC to celebrate the tech month,” he shared.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AUteledoctor, Yaw Karikari who is also delighted to be part of the GMABC Technology Month indicated that with the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare delivery has seen a paradigm shift and they seek to create new healthcare delivery systems. “With this being our goal, we jumped at the idea to join the GMABC brand for its Technology month and use the platform to educate the Ghanaian public on the advancement of medicine on the back of technology.”

Companies who want to be a part of the GMABC Technology month through one form of sponsorship or the other to contact the team on 0202222095 for further enquiries. Visit,, and for more details on the GMABC Technology Month.

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