Vlisco launches latest collection ‘Eclectic Cool’


…unveils Naa Ashorkor as its influencer

By Buertey Francis BORYOR

Renowned luxury fabric producer Vlisco has launched its latest collection for 2024 in a vibrant event marked by elegance and creativity, hosted at its shop in the Accra Mall. Additionally, Ghanaian media personality Naa Ashorkor was unveiled as the brand’s inaugural influencer.

Titled ‘Eclectic Cool’, the latest collection seamlessly blends geometric patterns and vibrant floral designs, drawing inspiration from the beauty and vibrancy of life. It represents an exploration of combining prints and unconventional colour pairings within a rich palette of contemporary fashion, inspired by the diverse and authentic legacy shaped by women.

The fabrics are crafted to resonate primarily with women who confidently navigate the intersections of tradition and contemporary style, drawing inspiration and influences from various aspects of their lives.

Thereby leaving an enduring mark on the fashion world, transcending borders with their unique tastes and ideas.

Commenting on the new collection, Deborah Sowah, Brand Manager at Vlisco Ghana, noted that the launch aims to showcase the brand’s latest collection to its valued customers while celebrating women in alignment with its Women’s Month campaign.

She further added that besides serving as a platform for networking and reconnecting with old friends, the event offers an opportunity for the company to foster stronger bonds with its customers. “Over the years, we have engaged a lot of ambassadors – all of them non-Ghanaians.

And this time we have decided to go for Naa Ashorkor as our brand influencer because of the kind of person she is. We feel she is authentic, she resonates well with the brand and can engage our audience. Her story is just inspiring as a person,” Ms. Sowah added.

Touting the uniqueness of the fabrics, she noted: “Vlisco is matchless, and our colours are unique and exquisite. It is actually our customers who are pushing us to be more creative and innovative. We have over 20 designs and a lot of colours, so you can visit this shop at any time and get your exquisite design”.

Naa Ashorkor, on her part, expressed her excitement about being affiliated with the brand. “My association with the brand makes me so happy and I look forward to exploring all the designs that it has to offer in 2024.

I have followed their influencer choices from other African countries and noticed they have never used an influencer in Ghana. Being the brand’s first Ghanaian influencer, I look forward to working with the best designers in the country and creating great designs with them.

“One thing I appreciate about Vlisco is the high quality fabric. It is one of those brands on the market that you can use for a very long time and be guaranteed that your fabric will remain high quality and authentic.

The designs are very sophisticated and perfect for women and men who love quality and good fashion,” she noted.

The approximately two-hour event was attended by the company’s loyal customers, fashion designers and numerous distinguished personalities, including its inaugural ambassador, Ellen Hagan, and Lamido Salamatou Bala Goga, Niger Ambassador to Ghana. With a rich heritage spanning 177 years, Vlisco remains a pioneer in the world of African textiles.

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