Africa World Airlines Clarifies Misinformation Surrounding Flight AW160 to Tamale


Africa World Airlines has issued a statement to clear up inaccuracies in recent media reports concerning its flight to Tamale, while also reaffirming its commitment to safety and operational integrity.

On March 12, 2024, during preparations for flight AW160 from Accra to Tamale, the airline’s Flight Operations Control office received notification from the fuel supplier in Tamale that the fuel bowser used for refuelling aircraft was undergoing maintenance and would not be available that day.

To overcome this unforeseen challenge, additional fuel was meticulously planned for and uplifted directly into the aircraft’s fuel tanks to facilitate the return trip, designated as AW161 from Tamale to Accra.

AWA stated that flight AW160 to Tamale was already at full capacity, and the decision to uplift extra fuel was made with careful consideration for safety and regulatory compliance.

“Once the decision was made to uplift extra fuel, an equivalent weight in passenger baggage was offloaded from flight AW160 to be sent to Tamale on subsequent flights that day.

“This was necessary to ensure the aircraft safely operated within the manufacturer’s operating limitations.”

As a precautionary measure, an equivalent weight of passenger baggage was offloaded from flight AW160 to accommodate the additional fue.

“All bags were delivered to the passengers at their final destination. Some passengers whose final destination was beyond Tamale did not receive their bags until the next day due to the journey time by road,” the carrier said in a statement.

Africa World Airlines said it deeply regrets any inconvenience experienced by passengers as a result of this incident. While supplier irregularities at short notice are not uncommon in the aviation industry, the airline emphasizes its unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.

The airline also expressed disappointment with certain media outlets, particularly myjoyonline and Joy midday news, for their failure to verify the accuracy of claims made by a passenger before publishing them. Africa World Airlines underscores the importance of responsible journalism and urges media organizations to exercise due diligence to prevent the dissemination of potentially defamatory or libelous information.

In conclusion, Africa World Airlines reaffirms its dedication to providing passengers with a safe, reliable, and exceptional travel experience while upholding the highest standards of operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

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