Alumni UK Launches Pioneering Study on Ghanaian Post-Study Engagement After UK Education


Alumni UK, in partnership with the British Council and Konfidants Research, has launched a research initiative targeting the post-study engagements of Ghanaian graduates from UK Higher Education Institutions.

The event, comprising a roundtable, networking, and cocktail session, convened over 100 UK-educated Ghanaians at the British Council in Accra on March 15, 2024.

The gathering aimed to foster connections among UK Alumni across various industries in Ghana, while also shedding light on the ongoing research endeavor.

Naomi Baffour-Gyau, a Research and Project Associate at Konfidants, highlighted the study’s objective of empowering UK higher education Alumni to make more meaningful societal contributions.

She emphasized the positive impact of UK education in Ghana, noting its influence across diverse sectors such as business and education.

Additionally, she stressed the importance of the research in guiding the British Council’s support strategies tailored to different sectors of society.

“Konfidants is a research company, and we were consulted by the British Council on Alumni Post-study engagements. So far, the feedback we are getting is that UK education is making a good impact in Ghana. People are applying knowledge in various fields; people are applying critical thinking in business, and in education, people are engaging more with their students,” Naomi Baffour-Gyau said.

She continued that: “The British Council makes interventions to help UK Higher Education Alumni make a lot more impact in society. The research will aid the British Council in knowing what kind of support is needed in each sector of society.

Reflecting on the event, a UK Alumni official expressed satisfaction with the collaborative atmosphere and the opportunities for networking.

“People work in silos, so events like these bring a lot of people together. We are ambassadors of top-quality global education. I have heard people say a lot of good things… much more for the networking opportunities,” the official said.

Meanwhile, a panel member shared insights into their UK study experience, emphasizing the transformative potential of overcoming challenges encountered in both countries’ systems.

Against the backdrop of Ghanaians annually pursuing higher education in the UK, the Alumni UK portal serves as a vital platform for global connectivity among members.

The focal point of the event was the Ghanaian UK Alumni Research project, led by the British Council in partnership with Konfidants Strategies Limited.

By elucidating the post-study contributions and challenges faced by UK-educated Ghanaians, the project aims to inform additional support mechanisms for UK Alumni, with data gathered through pre- and post-event surveys.

The project will culminate in a comprehensive report, further emphasized at a research dissemination event.

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