First National Bank calls on B&FT ahead of maiden workshop for business journalists


By Juliet ETEFE

First National Bank is set to bolster the skills of business and financial journalists through a pioneering initiative in collaboration with the University of Media, Arts, and Communication (UNIMAC-GIJ).

Ahead of the inaugural workshop for business journalists dubbed ‘First National Bank Journalism Academy’, the bank visited the management of the Business and Financial Times (B&FT), Africa’s foremost provider of relevant business information, to formally introduce the initiative.

Scheduled for March 19-20, 2024, the academy aims to equip selected journalists with comprehensive insights into contemporary financial reporting, including areas such as financial statement analysis and the integration of artificial intelligence in journalism.

The workshop will take place at the UNIMAC-GIJ campus in Dzorwulu-Accra from 8 am to 4 pm daily, providing a dynamic setting for industry professionals to exchange knowledge and enhance their skills.

During the visit to the B&FT, Delali Dzidzienyo, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at First National Bank, reiterated the workshop’s goal of equipping journalists with financial analysis skills and promoting ethical reporting.

He emphasised the importance of understanding balance sheets and making financial statements comprehensible and relatable to readers.

Mr. Dzidzienyo assured that the two-day event would be worthwhile for the selected journalists. At the end of the training, he said each participant will be awarded a certificate.

Professor Nixon Kariithi, a Professor of Journalism and Media Studies and one of the facilitators, expressed confidence that the workshop would equip beneficiaries with essential business journalism skills.

He highlighted the importance of broadening conversations about business, finance and economics, integrating them into everyday discourse.

Prof. Kariithi emphasised that such discussions should not be confined to specific media sections or audiences, asserting that business, economics and finance are relevant to everyone.

He stressed the significance of making messages relatable to facilitate informed decision-making, particularly amid the evolving media landscape.

Other experts scheduled to speak at the workshop include Sylvia Inkoom, Executive Director of First National Bank; Charlotte Osei, Corporate and Business Law Expert; and Charles Mensah, Financial Consultant and Chartered Accountant.

On behalf of the B&FT, Dr. Daniel Anim, Director of Operations and Research, expressed gratitude to the bank for its support in developing journalists and enhancing the media landscape as a whole.

He also provided the delegation with insights into B&FT’s operations and various projects, including the Ghana Economic Forum (GEF), The Money Summit (TMS), the quarterly Ghana’s Most Respected CEOs (GMRCEOs) Breakfast Series, the Africa Energy Conference, BrandCON Africa, and others.

He concluded by emphasising the significance of collaboration, especially in the current economic climate.

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