Gokals partners with ZEISS Vision to introduce cutting edge lenses


Gokals Ani Ltd has partnered with Zeiss Vision to introduce cutting-edge lenses to Ghana. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the optics industry in the region, heralding a new era of unparalleled vision solutions.

Gokals Ani was registered in 2020 and is the first lab in Ghana to commence Digital Freeform Lens production in 2021.

While Gokals Ani Ltd has established itself as a leading manufacturer of digital free-form lenses in Ghana, the partnership with ZEISS presents an exciting opportunity to further enhance vision care in the country. With ZEISS’s advanced technologies and expertise, there is great potential to positively impact the vision and health of the Ghanaian population.

The collaboration between Gokals Ani Ltd’s local manufacturing capabilities and the supply of prescription (commonly known as Rx) and Finished lenses from ZEISS will result in the highest quality lenses available in Ghana. This partnership ensures that Ghanaians have access to premium-grade lenses that meet the highest standards of excellence in vision care.

ZEISS Vision, renowned for its precision optics and innovative lens technology, brings over 175 years of expertise to the table. Their advanced coatings like the platinum coating and superior optical performance enhance visual comfort and clarity, setting new standards in eyewear and vision care globally.

Mr. Ludo Ploem, the Business Development Manager for Africa at the Vision Care Business Group, emphasized ZEISS ‘s dedication to innovation in eyewear and vision care globally. Mr. Ploem highlighted ZEISS ‘s commitment to sustainability within our ecosystem, outlining their practices to mitigate environmental impact. This includes the utilization of green energy, efficient material usage, and water conservation measures across their operations. Moreover, ZEISS has prioritized the development of eco-friendly lenses and implemented a comprehensive program aimed at reducing energy consumption. By integrating these sustainable initiatives into their practices, ZEISS continues to uphold its legacy of innovation while demonstrating a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility in the eyewear industry.

Gokals Ani Ltd, recognizing ZEISS ‘s leadership in Free Form Lens Technologies and leveraging on extensive data-driven artificial intelligence, aims to introduce premium ZEISS products to the Ghanaian market. The company plans to acquire expertise in lens technologies, scale production, and invest in reducing costs for local benefit. Mr. Ashish Gokaldas of Gokals Ani Ltd expresses intentions to invest in ZEISS products, particularly in diagnostics and ophthalmic equipment. This strategic collaboration seeks to facilitate technology transfer to Ghana, enhancing eye healthcare. Through ZEISS’s lab enablement program, the initiative aims to utilize global data for advanced eye protection and correction, contributing valuable insights to the optical community in Ghana and fostering the development of superior vision products.

Gokals Ani Ltd and ZEISS are partnering to provide tailored training for retailers and eye care centers, with a focus on educating both consumers and professionals about the advantages of ZEISS products. The initiative is designed to improve vision clarity, alleviate eye strain, and enhance overall comfort through the use of premium-grade lenses. ZEISS actively invests in research and development to introduce innovations in materials, coatings, and designs, targeting specific vision requirements such as digital eye strain or age-related changes. This comprehensive strategy aims to boost demand and foster greater appreciation for ZEISS products within the eyecare industry.

Envisioning continual progress in eye care technologies, Gokals Ani Ltd highlights ZEISS’s innovative role and substantial investment in research and development as a foundation. ZEISS’s commitment to data-driven insights allows for constant enhancements in existing technologies. Drawing a comparison between ZEISS’s personalized lens approach and generic alternatives, the precision measurements, considering individual attributes and age, contribute to an impressive 97.6% global customer satisfaction rate. Gokals Ani anticipates this quality will strongly resonate in Ghana, ensuring growth, success, and shared benefits across the optical community.

Together, Gokals Aní Limited and ZEISS Vision are poised to redefine the optical landscape in Ghana, empowering individuals with unparalleled vision solutions that meet the demands of the new dynamic life we all live.

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