Enterprise Insurance presses on with optimism


… holds 100th Anniversary thanksgiving service

By Juliet ETEFE

Enterprise Insurance Limited, Ghana’s oldest and leading private insurer in fire, marine, motor and general accident, has held its centenary anniversary thanksgiving service in Accra.

Amidst expressions of gratitude, the company reaffirmed its steadfast dedication to customers and expressed an optimistic outlook for the future.

In her address, the Managing Director of Enterprise Insurance, Akosua Ansah-Antwi reiterated the company’s unwavering pledge to uphold customer-centric values, foster innovation, and maintain reliability as key values of its operations.

Emphasising the importance of adapting to evolving market dynamics, the MD underscored the company’s proactive approach toward meeting the ever-changing needs of its diverse clientele.

“For 100 years, this company has never once had to shut down its operations, nor failed in its duty to clients. Through good times and bad, in sunshine and rain, Enterprise has remained steadfast, as if held by the hand of God himself.

“Looking ahead, we are not just filled with hope; we’re charged with a responsibility to carry forward a legacy that is been a century in the making, and to meet our future with the same resolve and integrity that have been the cornerstones of our past.

“As leaders in the industry, it is important that we remain a beacon of security, reliability, and stability for all our stakeholders because we need to continue to protect that legacy,” she said.

She added that, looking into the future, customer centricity and innovation are some core values it will uphold to stand the test of time.

“We are willing and ready to listen to the needs of our customers and meet them at that point of need. We are also looking at innovation. We cannot continue to do the same things that we were doing in the past. What worked for us in the past hundred years will not work as we go forward and so innovation will be one of the hallmarks,” she noted.

Ms.  Akosua Ansah-Antwi expressed gratitude to her team, noting that the milestone is a testament of employees, customers, agents, brokers and partners, directors, and shareholders’ dedication, resilience and perseverance.

For his part, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Insurance Ltd., Daniel Larbi-Tieku urged that the team forge ahead leveraging collaboration and innovation, embracing diversity and committing to sustainability and positive impact.

“As we embrace the future with hope and anticipation, let us carry the lessons of the past century forward. Let innovation be our compass, diversity our strength, and sustainability our commitment.

“In a world that is constantly evolving, let our centennial not just be a reflection of the past, but a line path for the next era of excellence. With thankful hearts and minds, steadfast in purpose, let us press on united in our commitment to uphold the legacy of excellence, integrity, and service that has defined Enterprise Insurance for a century,” he said.

The centenary anniversary thanksgiving service served as a reminder of Enterprise Insurance Ltd’s enduring legacy and unwavering dedication to serving the Ghanaian community with integrity and excellence. As the company looks ahead to the next century, its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions remains resolute, ensuring continued success and prosperity for generations to come.

Themed ‘Celebrating Our Legacy and Securing Your Future’, the event was attended by distinguished guests, esteemed patrons, shareholders and staff.

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