Adjo&Kojo’s No Reason for Rhyme: Kill No Hunger


Let hunger persist—hunger, may it never die

Hunger, may it live on, may it never leave

For what good is living when full?

Living full—perpetually full; what good are you?


Hunger may you never die—persist still; let hunger live free

Live free; flourish on; take as you please

Here’s yours, space to fill…


There, space to fill


So that there may be ours—ours to feel

The void you bring, our purpose to fill

The chasm of nothingness—the filling drive

Oh, let hunger roam free!


Dead, each dead

Would be the death of us—over our dead forms!

So, ravenous, you, hunger, ravishingly, may you saunter on

The nothingness you bring, the curves you don, our ultimate delight

Feeling thereof; filling thereof, our ultimate thrill!

Oh, may hunger live famously on


[The end of the poem. Written by Adjo&Kojo]

Beautiful sight to behold—retrospectively, through and through

Irreverently generous, through and through

The curves of your form, sensual, majestic, devilish—all three, thrill

Each filling, hunger still

Each point hit, emptiness still

Each chord struck, silence still

Each event marked, uneventful still

Each land plied, journey still

Us for fools—gulled by hope into a ride

Oh, let hunger pass ever-so freely!

But, say, will you give wisely?

[Enough already. The end of the poem]

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