Financial transparency is a key ingredient for healthy relationships

Miriam Maku Amissah, Head, Client Coverage – Stanbic Investment Management Services

Miriam Maku Amissah, Head of Client Experience at Stanbic Investment Management Services (SIMS), has highlighted the importance of financial transparency in relationships. She made the remarks during an X Spaces discussion hosted by Stanbic Bank Ghana as part of this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Speaking on financial transparency, Miriam Maku said: “Financial transparency involves openly discussing money-related matters, savings and other financial concerns. This includes income, expenses, savings, investments and pertinent financial details. Fostering such transparency is crucial for nurturing trust, resolving conflicts, and making well-informed financial decisions together, as there is a direct correlation between financial transparency and relationship stability”.

She further explained: “Individuals often exhibit certain financial behaviours influenced by their upbringing and background. For instance, a man raised in a household where his father was the sole provider may perceive himself to be the primary breadwinner in his relationship. Consequently, he may not prioritise financial transparency, believing that as long as he provides financially, no further disclosure is necessary. However, withholding financial information from one’s spouse can lead to a breakdown of trust. Couples must deliberately engage in conversations about their financial habits and be cognisant of how adaptable they are to each other’s traits to preempt future conflicts.”

Another resource person on the programme, Amos Kevin Annan, CEO of the Hearts and Habits Foundation, also shared some light on the concept of financial infidelity and its detrimental effects on relationships. He explained: “Financial infidelity occurs when one partner in a relationship conceals, lies about or clandestinely spends money without informing the other. Research indicates that financial infidelity is a prevalent issue among many couples. This behaviour undermines trust and jeopardises the overall health and stability of the relationship. It constitutes a breach of trust and should be entirely avoided to safeguard the integrity of the relationship”.

Dance God Lloyd (left) with Miriam Maku Amissah (middle) and some Stanbic employees

The X Spaces conversation hosted by Desmond Bredu, was on the topic of ‘Financial Transparency in Relationships: Is Full Disclosure Necessary for Trust?’ and is one of the bank’s planned activities to celebrate the month of love, dubbed ‘Power Up Your Love“. Stanbic also partnered with GhIPSS to reward Gh-Link users on Valentine’s Day at specific shopping outlets, and ignited the bank’s floors with passion and energy, led by the sensational Dance God Lloyd. It was a hearty fusion of beats, smiles and connections as staff and clients came together to amplify the spirit of Valentine.

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