Clockwork Realty brings Scandinavian houses

Kofi Dankyi-Frimpong

Clockwork Realty, a real estate development company, providing complete, specialized and professional real estate services in Ghana, has introduced Scandinavian designs into the Ghanaian housing industry.

Green Sun Villas (GSV), a small but highly exclusive Estate with six beautiful villas located in a closed and secured compound in the area of East Legon Hills incorporates the quality of modern Scandinavian design with the technology of the future. The developer intimates that in the wake of high utility tariffs, this is the time for Ghanaian households to save up to 50percent on electricity.

Characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian designs prioritize function and affordability over preciousness and luxurywith distinct practical interiors.

CEO of Clockwork Realty, Kofi Dankyi-Frimpong upholds that: “GSV houses are made entirely from premium materials that are certified by international organizations. The walls, roof, windows and doors are manufactured by Scandinavian suppliers carefully selected by the developers.

All houses are built according to Scandinavian quality standards and are Ghana’s first inexpensive homes to offer a true Europeanlevel of comfort and style at a high-quality.

“When people want to own houses, they want more than just a house; they want comfort, security and functionality of a modern home, and that is precisely what Green Sun Villas offers,” he added.

A home at Green Sun Villas means your villa will be cool during daytime and comfortable at night. The walls combine fiber cement with a layer of high-tech insulation material and the result is a high-strength wall with insulation against both heat and sound.Each unit has parking space for two cars.

All windows have laminated safety glass with high-performance glazing blocks 60percent of the sun’s UV radiation. The GSV homes have been Scandinavian led and supervised by European professionals who have monitored the daily building activities to the smallest detail. Each house is built to last a lifetime and more.

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