Motoring with Bob Roco ROMEO: Yango introduces latest groundbreaking safety features


…revolutionizing ride hail safety

Yango, an international tech company committed to reshaping everyday services with cutting-edge technology, proudly introduces two new groundbreaking safety features in Ghana to underscore its unwavering commitment to prioritizing safety for users, partners and drivers. The features named ‘’Route Monitoring’’ and ‘’Trusted Contacts’’ are currently in the testing phase and are now part of a very long list of innovative safety features being rolled out by Yango.

The first of these new but key safety features is an AI-driven route monitoring system that allows the support team to monitor deviations from the route during rides in the real time. In case of any issues or concerns during the ride, passengers can contact Yango’s customer support. Having the ability to view the route being taken helps both the passenger and customer support to identify and resolve any problems more quickly. The new route monitoring feature provides peace of mind to riders as they can keep track of their journey, especially in unfamiliar locations or during late-night rides. It adds an additional layer of security to the entire ride experience.

This innovative feature brings with it enhanced safety, transparency, improved efficiency, customer support, and peace of mind to its users, highlighting Yango’s strong dedication to prioritizing safety in its network.

The second groundbreaking safety feature introduced is the Trusted Contact feature. This is designed to provide an extra layer of safety by allowing users to share their ride details and location with trusted individuals who can help ensure their well-being. When a user enables the Trusted Contact feature, they can choose and add one or multiple pre-selected contacts from their phone’s contact list as their trusted contacts. These contacts can be friends, family members, or any other trusted individuals. Once the user starts a Yango ride, their selected trusted contacts will receive a notification with details of the ride, including the driver’s name, car model, and license plate number. This notification also contains a link where the trusted contacts can open a live map to track the progress of the ride in real-time. If any concerns or issues arise during the ride, the user can use the SOS button within the Yango app to send an emergency alert to their trusted contacts. This alert provides the user’s location, along with an option for the trusted contacts to call emergency services if necessary.

“We’re thrilled to introduce these groundbreaking safety features, marking a significant stride in our commitment to ensure the safety of our riders and partner drivers. At Yango, safety is not just a feature; it’s a top priority, ensuring every journey is a trusted and reliable experience.” – Tom Ofonime, General Manager, Yango Ghana.

Yango has always placed safety at the forefront of its operations. Even before the introduction of Route Monitoring and Trusted Contact, Yango users in Ghana benefit from a comprehensive suite of safety features, including:

  • Driver Background Checks: Yango conducts thorough background checks on all its drivers before they are approved to provide rides. This includes verifying their legal documents, professional driver’s licenses, and conducting criminal background checks.
  • GPS Tracking: Yango ensures the safety and security of passengers by employing GPS tracking technology. This allows passengers to share their ride details with their contacts in real-time, ensuring that someone can monitor their journey.
  • Ride-Share Profiles: Yango provides passengers with the ability to view their driver’s profile, including their name, photo, and vehicle information. This helps passengers easily identify and recognize their assigned driver.
  • In-app Communication: Yango’s mobile app facilitates communication between drivers and passengers via an in-app messaging system. This ensures that passengers can communicate directly with drivers without sharing their personal contact information, enhancing privacy and security.
  • Rating System: After completing a ride, both drivers and passengers can rate each other and provide feedback within the Yango app. This helps to maintain high service standards and allows users to make informed decisions about future trips.
  • In-App Support: Yango offers in-app support where passengers can report any issues or concerns they encounter during their rides. This allows for quick resolutions and helps improve overall safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Cashless Payments: Yango operates on a cashless payment model, enabling passengers to pay for their rides securely through the mobile app. This reduces the risk of carrying cash and promotes safer transactions.
  • Emergency Assistance: Yango has provisions for emergency assistance. In case of any emergency or safety-related concern, passengers can use the in-app emergency button to quickly contact emergency services or alert Yango’s support team.

Yango prioritizes the safety of its users and partner drivers. The introduction of Route Monitoring and Trusted Contact in addition to the already existing safety features amplifies this commitment to lead the industry in redefining safety standards, ensuring that every journey is a secure and reliable experience.

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