Discovery Teen Magazine engages young people to address adolescence muddle

Some of the participants at the teen engagement

The Discovery Teen Magazine led by Mercy Catherine Adjabeng (Mrs.); the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine has organized its maiden programme for teenagers with the theme ‘Discovery Teen Chat’.

According to Mrs. Adjabeng, Discovery Teen Magazine seeks to address issues confronting teenagers like challenges they face at their teen stage.

She added that the Discovery Teen Chat is also a platform for teenagers to freely ask questions bothering them in their daily life.

Addressing issues of peer pressure Dr. Sampson Asala— a general practitioner at Medifem Hospital said teens can avoid peer pressure by surrounding themselves with good friends and building confidence in themselves.

Speaking to the B&FT in an interview Dr. Asala said the engagement with the adolescents was to help them to overcome the pressures of adolescence from social media and deal with the pressures to be involved in sex and relationship.

“It was an engagement with our teens, to help them discover how they can deal with the pressures of adolescence where they are bombarded with so much from social media and added with the teenage pressure, the pressure to be involved in sex and relationships,” he said.

He said the take-home point really was for the teenagers to understand their weaknesses to help them overcome peer pressure.

“Teens need a lot of help because it’s a transition period, and some mistakes can be made like teenage pregnancy, teen suicide, academic fall out that can affect them for the rest of their lives so the main aim is to help them at this stage,” he said.

Mrs. Adjabeng was hopeful the magazine will help young people by reshaping their mindset on issues that affect teenagers.

“This is the maiden edition and we intend to take the content of the discovery Teen Magazine out which is teaching adolescence how to handle their challenges, and we can not handle it if we don’t discuss it” she stated.

She added that it is important to build them up to enable them to make informed choices.

“We need to build them up so that they can make informed choices because this time of their development is very crucial. If we get it wrong, we will have serious problems later on,” Mrs. Adjabeng said.

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