Local residents join military in Wa cleanup effort


The Ten Mechanised Battalion, in collaboration with Wa Municipal Assembly and Zoomlion, has coordinated a massive cleanup campaign across various locations in the Wa municipality, Upper West Region. The cleanup initiative targetted key areas such as the Tindaamba Primary School, Wa Main Station, Fadama Market and the Slaughterhouse.

Lieutenant Colonel Godfred Asampong, commanding officer of Ten Mechanised Battalion, emphasised the exercise’s significance, stating: “The perception they have about the military, they should just erase them because we are part of them. They shouldn’t wait for us to organise certain things. We could have stayed in our barracks to clean our own compound without coming here. But it’s their personal responsibility to ensure that the environment is always clean because they are staying in it”.

Over 200 personnel, including Zoomlion workers and assembly members, participated in the cleanup across multiple sites, ensuring a thorough and efficient operation on Saturday.

In an interview with Municipal Chief Executive Tahiru Issahaku Moomin, he emphasised the importance of dispelling misconceptions about the military. Moomin stated: “Our brothers from the military are not monsters. We shouldn’t run away from them. They are human beings like us. We don’t have to fear them”.

A powerful signal of unity and community pride was conveyed by seeing soldiers and residents cooperating to sweep streets, remove trash and maintain clean public areas. Ten Mechanised Battalion, Wa Municipal Assembly, Zoomlion and locals demonstrated the transforming power of group action in promoting a healthier and cleaner Wa through their collaborative efforts.

Moomin underscored the cleanup initiative’s broader objectives, emphasising the need for ongoing efforts to maintain a clean environment. “Every day should be a cleanup day. We must cultivate a culture of cleanliness to ensure a healthy environment,” he remarked.

“As we work together, we build trust and solidarity,” Moomin concluded. “The military and civilians share a common goal of ensuring the well-being of our community. Together, we can achieve a cleaner, healthier Wa.”

The military, local Assembly and Zoomlion’s cooperative effort is an example of how community involvement can foster unity and cleanliness. Wa hopes to establish a precedent of ongoing responsibility for the environment and a stronger relationship between civilians and uniformed personnel through programmes such as this.

The atmosphere of success and unity among participants as the cleanup operation came to an end was palpable. In addition to cleaning the streets together, they had improved relationships inside the community. They promised to keep collaborating in the future to make sure Wa stays a lively, clean community for all of its citizens to enjoy.

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