Newage Agric Solutions hosts Green Field Day for youth farmers


…falls under HAPPY Programme

The Harnessing Agricultural Productivity and Prosperity for Youth (HAPPY) Programme has started yielding the intended dividends with the further training of about one hundred young farmers in the rice production value chain.

This was revealed during a Green Field Day organised for beneficiary youth farmers under a project by the Newage Agric Solutions Limited. The event, held at the Weta Irrigation Scheme in the Ketu North Municipality, exposed patrons to the vegetative stage of the rice crop, enabling the beneficiary farmers the opportunity to observe the growth of the rice plant within the vegetative phase as well to reinforce their learning. It exposed the women and youth to the adopted technologies while emphasising the practical aspect of the inculcating good agricultural practices in their operations.

The Green Field Day served as a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of the HAPPY Project so far, and recognised the remarkable efforts of young farmers who have been beneficiaries of the initiative. The project, designed to empower and uplift youths in the agricultural sector, is expected to play an instrumental role in enhancing productivity and prosperity within Ghana’s agricultural landscape.

Under the guidance of Newage Agric Solutions Limited, the event provided an opportunity for young farmers to showcase their innovative farming practices, share success stories, and exchange ideas. It featured informative demonstrations and engaging discussions aimed at fostering knowledge-sharing and collaborative growth among the participants.

Speaking at the Green Field Day, Dr. Eugene Zori, a Project Coordinator of Newage Agric Solutions Limited, expressed his delight for the tremendous progress made by the young farmers. He emphasised the importance of sustainable farming practices and the significant role played by the HAPPY project in creating a thriving agricultural ecosystem in Ghana.

“I am incredibly happy with the progress made so far under the HAPPY project. Agric is a business and it is time we saw it as such. But it is a business that players need to collaborate with one another. It is the reason why this HAPPY project is such an incredible opportunity to create a thriving agricultural ecosystem in Ghana,” he remarked.

Agri-Impact Limited served as the Project Management Unit (PMU), playing a pivotal role in coordinating the consortium-managed initiative.

The event also served as a platform for stakeholders, including Lovelace Kudoto, the Ketu North Municipal Director of Agriculture; William Kota, Research Agonomist – Crop Reserch Institute; as well as staff of Newage Agric Solutions to witness, at firsthand, the positive impact of the HAPPY Project. Their presence demonstrated their commitment to supporting the transformation and growth of Ghana’s agricultural sector.

As the HAPPY Programme continues to expand its reach and impact, it is expected to further strengthen the rice, soybean, tomato and poultry value chains in Ghana.

Newage Agric Solutions Limited

Newage Agric Solutions Limited is a leading agricultural solutions provider committed to revolutionising the farming landscape in Ghana. With a focus on innovative technologies, sustainable practices, and capacity-building, the company aims to enhance agricultural productivity and improve the livelihoods of farmers across the country. Newage is an implementing partner of the HAPPY Programme

HAPPY Project

The Harnessing Agricultural Productivity and Prosperity for Youth (HAPPY) Programme is a co-created, consortium-managed initiative aimed at transforming the rice, soybean, tomato and poultry value chains in Ghana. Led by Agri-Impact Limited as the Project Management Unit (PMU), the HAPPY Programme empowers youth farmers through capacity-building, technology adoption and market access, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity in the agricultural sector.

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