Sakumono Skating Club holds 4th edition of annual games


Sakumono Skating Club has held the fourth edition of the Annual Skating Games organised for the various skating clubs within parts of the Greater Accra Region.

The event aims to showcase the talents and skills of members and visiting clubs through the various disciplines, and promote sports for development. It is an annual game-event organised as part of community development in the Sakumono area.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Founder-Sakumono Skating Games, Reginald George Quatey, emphasised the Annual Skating Games’ impact in nurturing young talent and fostering a sense of unity among participants.

The games were hailed as a platform for athletes to showcase their dedication, perseverance and sportsmanship while inspiring others to pursue their passion for inline skating.

He mentioned that the games serve as a testament to the power of sports in breaking down barriers and building bridges within a community.

The Annual Skating Games provided an opportunity to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of inline skating, including its positive impact on physical fitness, coordination and overall well-being.

Chairman of the Organising Committee Ernest Gavor mentioned that: “Our goal is to make this edition even more spectacular than before, and we have been hard at work to ensure its success. With a steady increase in participation over the years, we have witnessed multiple winners emerging in various categories; and this year we are excited to expand the skating disciplines to include football-skating, and are planning to introduce even more. To enhance efficiency, we have streamlined the number of games and will focus on showcasing the best in each category – allowing for more time and better quality overall”.

With the expansion of skating disciplines and focus on showcasing the best in each category, Mr. Gavor said he is confident the fourth edition will be a resounding success.

He also stated that the problem of certain clubs cheating and providing false ages for some participants will be addressed in the near-future. He mentioned that participants will be required to submit their birth-certificates to address this issue.

He urged corporate organisations to provide support for the competition in order to help it achieve great success. The 4th edition served as a testament to growing enthusiasm for skating in the region, and set the stage for even greater success in the future.

About the event

The Sakumono Skating Club Annual Games has been instituted to provide a platform for healthy competition in roller-skating disciplines. The annual games, held in the Sakumono community, also give parents and well-wishers opportunity to witness the various skills of their wards.

The club envisages these games to be the country’s leading skating competition and attract patronage, both home and abroad. It is expected to connect hundreds of spectators from around Greater Accra, generating enormous commercial returns.

The event also seeks to shape skaters’ character through social and emotional learning activities, making parents aware of sports role in shaping character. In addition, the event exposes skaters to international roller-skating rules as well as nurturing skaters to compete with values.

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