Two critical resolutions every leader must keep in 2024 and beyond


We are already two weeks into the new year, and you might not have had time to set big grandeur goals and develop the necessary action plans to back them. Don’t worry, you are not late. You can choose a few popular New Year’s resolutions and be fine. There are New Year’s resolutions that never go out of fashion. They are always in season.

At the beginning of the new year, many individuals resolve to expand their skills, aim for better work-life balance, and improve fitness, finances, relationships, etc. They are all good resolutions. Although we often break these resolutions by the end of the first quarter, we continue to set them because we believe they are foundational. Every little progress we achieve on these goals makes our lives better. Hence, we almost set the same goals every year.

This year, I would like to challenge you to set two foundational resolutions regarding how you lead. And we may keep coming to them every year, and that’s ok. In my experience working with leaders, I have discovered two fundamental resolutions that allow leaders to advance their organizations and professional aspirations significantly, leaving a lasting impact. Every leader must fulfil these commitments in 2024 and beyond:

  1. Connect your goals to a bigger purpose:


Our actions have an impact. You are not a cog in a machine. You are a leader. You can change the world with your actions. It may not be apparent at first, but it’s essential to remember that being a leader is more than just a job title. It’s a way of thinking and behaving that applies to everyone, regardless of their position in the organization. In 2024, you must commit to lead for a broader impact. Therefore, you must set goals that connect your goals to the bigger aspirations of the organisation and the community you are part of.

Key Actions you can take:

  • Focus on contribution: 

As the leader of your organisation, making strategic choices based on your organisation’s purpose rather than profits creates limitless possibilities for engagement and value creation for all stakeholders.

As a team leader, setting goals aligned with your organisation’s purpose enables you to make a meaningful contribution that advances your career. You become a linchpin as you connect your goals to the organisation’s aspirations and make yourself indispensable to your organisation. Use this question as a guide: How can my contribution and my organization’s work impact positively on the stakeholders we serve and the communities we operate in?

  • Forge collaborations:

Effective collaboration is essential for the success of any organisation. In a world of complex challenges, your organisation cannot solve all problems no matter how deep their pocket is. However, we can accomplish a lot together. There are opportunities to collaborate cooperatively with diverse stakeholders, including competitors, to resolve the daunting challenges we face. Leaders must prioritise collaboration.

Every session I have had with leaders to consider the issues of contribution and collaboration generates lots of energy and insights. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” so says the African Proverb.

Use this question as a guide: How might we collaborate effectively with other stakeholders for the highest possible impact? 

  1. Commit to develop the next generation of leaders:


Every leader’s first task is to make more leaders. This single resolution enables leaders to advance their work meaningfully as they support those they work with to develop their capacity. Talent is scarce everywhere, and the return on talent is greater than the return on capital. Instead of focusing on the eggs, take care of the goose that lays the golden eggs. Senior leaders can play the role of dedicated coaches who provide a safe and supportive space for confidential feedback on decisions and actions. No matter your level, others are looking to learn from your experience and the insights you have gained over the years.

Key Actions you can take:

  • Commit more time:

As a business leader, commit to increasing the amount of time you spend with the HR lead. You must work with the HR team to develop robust processes for recruiting and deploying talent effectively.

  • Provide opportunities:

Learning is doing, practising, growth, reflecting, change, working, action, experiential, thinking, performing, asking questions, taking feedback, making meaning, breaking a sweat, etc. I agree with John Holt, who noted that “learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” What we do as leaders is to provide the conditions for effective learning.

Two years ago, with the financial support of a leader in the financial services industry, TEMPLE Advisory created a unique 12-month mentorship program for ten emerging leaders. The ten emerging leaders, inspired by the generosity and impact of the program on their personal and professional lives, also contributed to sponsoring a group of 10 recent graduates on a six-month mentorship program. The program’s impact continues to spread because of the commitment and generosity of one leader to provide developmental opportunities for others.

In 2024, resolve to connect your goals to the bigger purpose of your institution and take the lead in developing the next generation of leaders that your business and our society need. Our future is guaranteed because we have leaders who resolve to tackle the challenges of the day while developing the capacity of others.

Happy New Year. Be of good cheer.

>>>The writer is the Founder of the CEO Accelerator Program ( and Chief Learning Strategist at TEMPLE Advisory ( He is a strategist, executive educator and coach who guides leaders and organisations to accelerate learning and performance. He specializes in leadership development, executive coaching and strategy consulting. If you have questions or ideas to share, kindly write to [email protected]

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