Deedew’s Culinary Oasis – elevating suburban dining with a taste of Ghana


In the heart of Teshie Tsuibleoo, Accra, a suburban haven emerges as a culinary oasis – Deedew Foods. This unassuming yet exceptional restaurant is rewriting the narrative of high street dining experiences in suburban locations, bringing a touch of sophistication to the community.

Deedew Foods has strategically positioned itself to cater for a diverse range of needs, offering corporate lunch services, group meals, individual lunch plans, event catering and private dinners. As the suburban landscape often lacks the vibrant culinary scene associated with urban areas, Deedew Foods steps in as a refreshing answer to the local demand for an elevated dining experience.

While many suburban establishments may overlook the importance of aesthetics and ambiance, Deedew Foods shines with its commitment to providing an environment that transcends the ordinary. The incorporation of high-quality service and a chic setting transforms this eatery into a destination rather than just a place to eat.

And speaking of culinary excellence, Deedew Foods houses the yet-to-be-discovered best Ghana Jollof. Nestled in the bosom of Deedew, this culinary gem awaits those ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure. The richness of flavours, combined with the suburban allure, positions Deedew Foods as a true hidden treasure.

One of the key factors contributing to Deedew Foods’ success is its partnership with the Visual Display Network, spearheaded by the renowned Digital Marketing expert, Gorbachev Awuah. This collaboration has not only enhanced the restaurant’s visibility, but has also positioned it as a notable client within the realm of culinary establishments.

To explore their offerings or make reservations, Deedew Foods conveniently provides a WhatsApp link at So, step into Deedew Foods and savour a culinary journey that goes beyond just satisfying hunger—it’s an experience that tantalises the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression.

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