Ekumfi Abor’s aged population benefit from health screening


The aged indigenes of Ekumfi Abor of the Ekumfi Traditional Area in the Central Region have benefited from a health screening organized by the traditional rulers of the town, Nana Amoasi VII and Nana Ahinfowa III.

According to Nana Amoasi VII, who is also the Ankobeahene of the Ekumfi Traditional Area, most of the aged are always not seen during communal meetings and that pushed the queen mother to come up with the initiative which will help assess their health after she noticed their absence has to do with their health.

“Today you can attest to what is happening at Ekumfi Abor, I need to commend my queen, Nana Ahinfowa III. She mooted the idea that, in a season like this, where we are celebrating the death of Christ and today being a Saturday, she is considering the aged,” he noted.

The, initiative, which forms part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the traditional leaders was assisted by a team of doctors and nurses.

Nana Amoasi emphasized the need for the aged in the community to know their health status which will push them to receive better treatment from the various hospitals to prevent untimely deaths in the town. “We can screen them and let them understand what the basics of their sickness are, so that they can seek for medical attention from proper facilities,” he said.

Also, this forms part of measures to help detect, diagnose and find solutions to certain health problems associated with old age. Over 250 aged, both male and female, participated in the exercise.

Nana again commended his elders and volunteers both far and near who through their support contributed enormously to such a worthy course for the community. “Putting this together has been also the support of varied group of people especially citizens of Ekumfi Abor, they come from far and near, our people in USA were very supportive, they brought in some medical stuffs,” he added.

Nana Ahinfowa also encouraged the people of Ekumfi Abor to heed to the advice given to them and adopt regular check-ups to know their status which will help fight any minor illness that is hardly identified with symptoms.

The queen mother expressed her worry about the results of the screening and pleaded with other queen mothers within the traditional area to also take up the challenge and organize such programmes periodically for their people for early detection and treatment of hypertension and others.

“I recommend all my queens at Ekumfi to help them because right now am very nervous and worried because of the outcome of the result that are coming, our elderly ones are dying and if we didn’t organize this screening, I don’t know what in two months’ time, some of these elderly ones would have become,” she noted.

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