EU opens application for West Africa Fusion Artists and Residency Expo programme

Ambassador Irchad Razaaly, EU Ambassador to Ghana (right) and Head of Cultural Desk at the EU in Ghana, Malgorzata Pitura (left) addressing the press

The European Union Office in Ghana has announced the opening of application for the EU-West Africa Fusion Artist and Residency Expo.

The event, which will be hosted in Ghana at Kokrobite in Accra, brings together artists from thematic areas, including musicians, fashion designers and visual artists such as painters, photographers, street artists from Ghana, Benin, Togo and European Union member-states. Applications are currently opened to interested participants until January 3, 2024 on the

With twelve anticipated artists from the afore-mentioned countries, the expo aims to showcase the unique fusion of the European and West African art, highlighting the rich heritage, cultural diversity and contemporary trends.

Through the West Africa Fusion Artists and Residency and Expo programme, the EU seeks to create an enriching platform for cultural exchange and expression, fostering understanding and appreciation of art forms from multiple perspectives.

The European Union Ambassador, Irchad Razaaly, at a press conference to officially announce invitation for participants, said it cannot be denied that Ghana is one of the countries in the sub-region with a richness of cultural history. He said it is the goal of the EU to facilitate cross-cultural exchanges and promote Ghanaian and African culture and heritage in and outside Europe.

Through the programme, the EU said it will enhance cultural exchanges, integration and engagements with European creatives. “From Ghana, Togo, Benin and the EU member-states, we are determined to foster and promote the spirit of cultural integration and cross-cultural collaboration through this niche event,” Ambassador Razaaly noted.

Head of Cultural Desk at the EU in Ghana, Malgorzata Pitura, disclosed that selection of various applicants will be done by mid-January, as the residency programme starts on February 10, with the winners being declared on February 19, 2024.

The winning team in the Residency Expo, according to the EU, will be honoured with a prize amount of €3000 (GH¢36,000).

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