Three public universities to benefit from FX trading programme

Three public universities to benefit from FX trading programme

The Founder of Women in Forex (FX) Trading-Ghana, Gifty Annor Sika, has indicated that under the ‘Elevate Ghana Forex Project’ the University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast (UCC) and Valley View University have been selected to benefit from a free forex trading programme this year.

The training programme is aimed at introducing the students to the FX trade, equipping them with basic skills and developing their interest in this very lucrative niche market which could serve as a side-job for them even while in school.

According to her, FX trading is quite a complex space that requires some level of education and intelligence to manoeuvre. Therefore, tertiary students are better-positioned to comprehend the process and learn the trade faster; hence the decision to involve them.

In addition, she emphasised that this year the Elevate Project – which has an objective of training more than 1,000 youth across the country – has selected these three universities as well as three other regions, Volta, Eastern and Northern, as beneficiaries.

“The Elevate Ghana Forex Project’s main objectives are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and this year as we seek to reduce the inequality gap we are training 1,000 youth across three regions and three universities, as well as some national service personnel. Basically, our idea is to teach, create value and give back to charity,” she said.

The Elevate project is the first-ever forex trade training exercise put together in this country to demystify myths about the forex market and digital finance sector as a whole. It also aims at bringing to hand the enormous career and financial opportunities the sector bestows.

Touching on the FX market’s worth and opportunities, she said: “The forex market is very liquid and is currently the most liquid financial sector in the world. Last year, it had US$1.26quadrillion revenue and in daily volumes it had US$1.6trillion. If the whole Ghana decided to trade in the FX market, all things being equal everyone would earn US$2,000 daily.

“This is how much liquid the trade is, and it is an advantage for the unemployed graduates. Sometimes, people come into this space and because they want quick money they do not learn the trade well – and so end up losing their money to fraudsters and then complain that FX is a scam.”

She made these remarks at the inaugural ‘Love in the market’ charity ball and dinner, organised by Forex GH in collaboration with LolyFX and Blooming Trading Limited to raise funds for charity projects.

The proceeds will be donated to three charity organisations – Maternal Right Ghana, Menarche Pad a Girl Project, and Coverme Worldwide.

Speaking as the guest of honour, Mayor, Capital Garden City of Belmopan Belize, Central America, Her Worship Mayor Sheron Palacio, commended the organizers for having women empowerment at heart, adding that she is very excited to see Accra appoint a female mayor for the first time.

“I always say that Africa is my home and any time I come to Africa I feel at home. I am calling on all Africans around the world to make the effort to always visit home and help in development of the continent. Women and girls in Africa need empowerment to unearth their talent and do great things,” she said.

Furthermore, she touched on her upcoming conference – the ‘She for She Champions World Summit’ – which aims at bridging the gender equality gap, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-five).

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