17 years with Delta has been an exciting journey!


…Sarah Annan, Operations Service Manager at Delta Air Lines has been with the business for 17 years. In celebration of her loyalty, the media sat down with Sarah to recap a 17-year journey. Enjoy the read.

Q: What attracted you to working at Delta?

A: Although I joined Delta at a time when it was facing challenges, I knew it was one of the premier US carriers with a reputation for excellence.

Q: How long have you been at Delta?

A: 17 years. I started working at Delta on 1st November, 2006 when it started operations in Accra.

Q: Why Delta Air Lines?

A: I love Delta! Even after 17 years of service, I will choose them over and over again. Delta’s passion for community engagement aligns strongly with my interests. Delta has invested in breast cancer education and awareness, and youth development with Breast Care International (BCI) and Junior Achievement (JA) Africa respectively.

Through this commitment, women and girls in Ghana have benefitted from breast cancer educational programmes. Delta contributes to youth education and development through Innovation Camps. Many students have benefitted from the experiential learning simulation exercise, solving real-life business situations to enhance their skills and prepare them for future workforce.

Q: Tell me more about your job.

A: I am an Operations Service Manager in Accra. Overall, my role is to manage the operations, which involve managing people, procedures and processes before, during and after each Delta flight. This includes supervising check-in operations, customer experience, ramp operations, among others.

I am also a Learning Records Administrator (LRA), which entails ensuring that all Delta staff and business partners handling our operations are up to date and in compliance with their required training. I am also the lead Complaint Resolution Official (CRO), meaning I am responsible for handling all issues related to our customers with disabilities. Additionally, I manage the Accra station’s Local Emergency Response Action Plan (LERAP).

Q: What is your favourite part of your job?

A: Interacting with passengers from diverse backgrounds as well as sharing my knowledge and experiences with colleagues and business partners.

Q: Have you experienced any obstacles in your career and how have you overcome these?

A: Prior to working at Delta, I worked for an airline which was wound up unexpectedly. Even though I was fortunate to have gained employment with the handling company that eventually took over the handling operations at the Kotoka International Airport, the transition was challenging but I was determined to continue my career in aviation and worked diligently.

Q: What changes have you seen in aviation/travel since you started your career?

A: Key changes I have experienced include the transition from paper ticketing to electronic ticketing and the technological advancement of airports in Ghana and around the world, which have made the travel experience more seamless.

Q: What one thing have you learned in your current job above everything else?

A: Handling customers gets easier with experience.

Q: Why should people choose Delta?

A: We prioritise safety and our customers’ needs and offer hospitality from the heart.

Q: Where is your favourite place to travel?

A: The Bahamas. Miami is a close second.

Q: What are your hobbies? How do you unwind after a busy day?

A: My hobbies include travelling, shopping and cooking. After a busy day, I love to catch up with friends and family over the phone.

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