Odefille’s exclusive collection to grace Accra Fashion Week 2023


Odefille, a pioneer in executive fashion and maker of stylish C-suite wear, will unveil its elegant collection at the upcoming Accra Fashion Week (AFWK23) scheduled to take place from December 13 to 17, 2023.

During the five-day event, the distinguished C-suite fashion brand – which has been synonymous with sophistication and grace since its inception – will give patrons a glimpse into its rich past, exciting present, and innovative future via a booth and a runway show on Saturday, December 16, at 1.30pm as part of the main show at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

Nadia Asantewaa Nkandobi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder, ahead of the event said fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the diverse offerings of Odefille, showcasing innovative craftsmanship and a range of creative collaborations.

She expressed excitement about participating in Accra Fashion Week, highlighting the chance to connect with a broader audience and share the C-suite wear brand’s commitment to artistry and refinement.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Accra Fashion Week and have the opportunity to showcase our collections to a wider audience. This event allows us to connect with fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and potential customers who appreciate the artistry and refinement that goes into each Odefille piece,” the fashion executive said.

Renowned for meticulous attention to detail and timeless designs, critics have praised Odefille as the brand continues to redefine the boundaries of executive fashion, attracting a devoted following of individuals who value the craftsmanship evident in its offerings.

Ms. Nkandobi believes AFWK23 represents the ideal platform for showcasing Odefille’s range as she aims to inspire and empower individuals through its designs, reflecting the brand’s confidence and refinement. “The event is not only an opportunity for us to exhibit our latest collections but also to connect with our audience on a deeper level. We hope to inspire and empower individuals through our C-suite designs, showcasing the confidence and refinement that Odefille represents,” the CEO added.

The Accra Fashion Week has evolved to become the foremost gathering of style enthusiasts in the country. The 10th edition of the event is scheduled to host designers from Brazil, Columbia, USA, Tanzania, Seychelles, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, France, Canada, SA & the very best from Ghana.

Accra Fashion Week serves as Odefille’s prime stage for showcasing its latest collections, seamlessly blending classic styles with contemporary flair. The brand’s presentation promises an array of exquisite garments radiating confidence, power, and refinement, the fashion leader added.

Odefille not only unveils its own creations but also collaborates with talented designers, emphasizing its dedication to fostering creativity and supporting emerging talents. This participation solidifies Odefille’s position as a leading force in C-suite fashion, continually setting new standards of style and elegance.

While fashion shows once served as a platform for brands in the US$1.5 trillion global apparel market to unveil their new collections, it has now evolved far beyond its initial scope. Fashion shows have transformed into global media phenomena.

Event details

Wed, Dec. 13, 2023: 4pm – #Meet The Designer @ Kempinski Galleria, Amber Gallery;

Thurs, Dec. 14, 2023: 3pm – Hollantex Swimwear Deluxe Show @ Cloud9ine, Osu;

Thurs, Dec. 14, 2023: 9pm – Welcome2Accra (Amapiano Party) @ Cloud 9ine, Osu;

Fri, Dec. 15, 2023: 2pm – African Fashion Summit, 2023 @ Accra Metropolitan Assembly;

Fri, Dec, 15, 2023: 7pm – Face of AFWK 2023 Semi-Finals @ Level Bar & Lounge;

Sat, Dec 16, 2023: 1pm – ‘FashionGHANA’ Cocktail Reception @ Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum;

Sat, Dec. 16, 2023: 1.30pm – Main Shows @ Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum;

Sat, Dec. 16, 2023: 6.00pm – Pressurized Canvasses @ Level Bar & Lounge, Osu;

Sun, Dec. 17, 2023: 1pm – ‘FashionGHANA’ Cocktail Reception @ Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum;

Sun, Dec. 17, 2023: 1.30pm – Main Shows @ Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

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