Poetry Corner: The Fallow Period


It was written in DNA format

Presented in sparkling rainbow colours

Promoted by the distinguished class

Deodorized by the top brass

Embellished with more glistening colours

Projected by the ubiquitous paparazzi

Approved of by wise men and women

Honoured by all who matter in the realm


Propped up by family and friends;

foes and fiends

Held high in hearts on end

Granted the benefit of the doubt

Always expected to transcend the limit

And excel

No excuse for sleeping dreams


Colleagues from college, called it the epitome of knowledge

For starters, that was just a starter

With eyes projected upwards, where hope rested

The limit was far beyond the skies


With a heart amply unmoored

To embrace all glistening golden

Golden glitters

There was no excuse for sleeping dreams


With limbs ready to move

Whether up above, or down below

With limbs ready to act

Whether asked to, or not to

With expectations elevated beyond the reality

The limit must penetrate the skies





But then, the enveloping darkness

The overpowering darkness, from dawn to dusk

Wrung all hope from a heart

And converted all into tears, all tears

Red bloody tears!


Coercing and coaxing did the same job

Coercion and persuasion did not take that one to the top

Harm had done a better job

By offloading real ambition from a chest

And paying it back to chest

It turned out to be a big big punch in the chest


Slowly it had started, and drifted

Then it had escalated, upwards

To a full-blown racket

Downwards to an unbelievable shocker


Would it be

Should it be

Could it be so long, so very long

Before it returns into its socket…if ever?


Colleagues from college

Called it wasted knowledge

Wasted endeavour, wasted opportunity

Wondering why others made it at the crucial moment

Appalled at the darkened reality

Wondering why geniuses had remained buried

Buried since the beginning of eternity


Open spaces called opportunities

Were alien and foreign matter

The race was run only within

Whether casual or urgent matters

The race was run only within

Within a boundary set for the only one

And falling through only preceded a falling out


At the end of the dark alley

Hope was projected downwards, held at bay

Buried till the end of eternity

Buried till the next time

…if ever!

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