Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra kicks off holidays with tree lighting tradition

Left to right – Amb. Maher Kheir (Lebanese Ambassador to Ghana) and Hanno Barkhoff (General Manager, Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City)

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, on Sunday, December 3, 2023, hosted its annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony – a cherished tradition that marks the official commencement of the festive season. The event brought together music ensembles, soloists, and esteemed guests who gathered to witness the symbolic illumination of the Christmas trees.

During the ceremony, Hanno Barkhoff, General Manager of the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra, joined by the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Ghana, Lebanese Ambassador Maher Kheir, gracefully turned on the first lights adorning the classic Christmas trees at the hotel.

In his welcome address, the General Manager Mr. Barkhoff expressed his heartfelt appreciation to guests for continuously being a part of the hotel’s success story. He stated: “Throughout the years, this hotel has achieved remarkable milestones but none of these achievements would have been possible without your unwavering support, trust and patronage. It is an honour to stand before you today and acknowledge each and every one of you as an integral part of our success story”.

He also provided insights into some key moments for the hotel this year, which included the launch of BE Health – a flagship corporate social responsibility programme in partnership with Breast Care International. He explained: “Through this initiative, we have been able to contribute to the awareness and fight against breast cancer, offering support to those affected by this devastating disease. We have also provided education and offered assistance to individuals and families on their journey toward recovery and healing”.

The tree lighting event also sought to share more light on young adults living with autism in Ghana. Speaking on the hotel’s contribution to that, he said: “We organised a fun day for teenagers and young adults with autism, providing them with a safe and inclusive space to engage in recreational activities and foster social connections. Not only did this bring smiles to the faces of these incredible children, but it also touched the hearts of everyone involved”.

Addressing the audience, the Special Guest of Honour, Mr. Kheir, shared a unique perspective on the occasion by stating: “In the midst of economic crisis and the shadows of conflict and wars, the symbolism of this Christmas tree takes on an even deeper meaning. The ornament on this tree represents not just festive decorations, but also the diverse threads of humanity, each facing unique struggles. It is during this time that the spirit of Christmas becomes a guiding light, a beacon of compassion, empathy and collective strength”.

He added: “In lighting this tree tonight, let it serve as a symbol of solidarity and a testament to our ability to find hope even in adversity. As the lights brighten the nights, may they illuminate the path toward a future where kindness prevails, where communities come together, and where the spirit of Christmas serves as a catalyst for positive change”.

He ended by encouraging all attendees to carry the flame of justice and fairness in the coming days so that compassion may prevail among all people in the world.

Undoubtedly, the event served as the perfect catalyst to kindle the holiday spirit in all who participated. From the soulful carols and inspiring speeches to the vibrantly illuminated Christmas trees, Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra showcased its commitment to providing exceptional service during this joyous season.

The tree-lighting celebration featured enchanting performances by renowned musical groups, including the +233 Jazz Band, the Papillion Band, Ms. Nasbah Yindeeya Gbinniya of the Klicks Foundation, the Manna Mission Choir and a delightful showcase by the talented students of the Roman Ridge School.

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