“Happy School Girl Project” calls on gov’t to waive taxes on sanitary pads

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…as it marks International Day of the Girl 2023

On this significant occasion of the International Day of the Girl 2023, the “Happy School Girl Project” extends its heartfelt appreciation to the government of Ghana for its continued commitment to the welfare and empowerment of girls in the nation.

This international observance offers us the perfect opportunity to highlight a critical issue that affects girls’ education and well-being in Ghana – access to affordable sanitary pads.

The “Happy School Girl Project” recognizes that the ability of girls to stay in school and actively participate in their education is heavily dependent on their access to basic necessities, including menstrual hygiene products. In this regard, we kindly request that
the government of Ghana considers waiving taxes on sanitary pads as a means of
supporting the aspirations and dignity of Ghanaian girls.

Menstrual hygiene management is an essential aspect of gender equality and female
empowerment. Access to affordable sanitary pads not only contributes to better health
and hygiene but also helps prevent girls from missing school during their menstruation.
By removing taxes on sanitary pads, the government can make these products more
accessible to families across the nation and ensure that girls can continue their education
without interruption.

The “Happy School Girl Project” believes that addressing this issue is a critical step in
promoting the rights and well-being of girls, in line with the Sustainable Development
Goals and Ghana’s national development agenda. By prioritizing girls’ needs and
education, we can help build a brighter future for our nation.

We look forward to the government’s positive response to our plea and trust that they
will consider this request as an opportunity to celebrate the International Day of the Girl
2023 by taking a meaningful step towards supporting girls’ education and menstrual
hygiene in Ghana.

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