Strong legal framework for agriculture, forest protection crucial – Proforest boss


The Africa and Global Director of Proforest, Abraham Baffoe, has said the company is working together with its partners to overhaul the legal framework for agriculture and forest protection in Western and Central Africa.

According to him, the current legal framework in Western and Central Africa is weak and inadequate to effectively manage and protect agricultural and forest resources – noting that his outfit is working with governments in the region to strengthen the regulatory and institutional frameworks responsible for managing forest and agricultural commodities.

“We have identified a weak legal framework for agriculture, forest protection and forest management. So, we are working with countries in Western and Central Africa to overhaul the regulatory framework and also strengthen institutional frameworks responsible for managing forest and agricultural commodity products,” he said.

He made this comment during the 10th anniversary celebration of Proforest Africa in Accra, under the theme ‘10 years of supporting responsible sourcing and production in Africa’.

Mr. Baffoe emphasised the importance of collaboration with government in order to effectively protect and manage natural resources. He stated that natural resource management cannot be handled by a single stakeholder, and that government must have control over the underlying processes for protecting and managing these resources.

The company believes that working with government is essential in delivering positive impacts for people, nature and the climate, and considers it one of their core principles.

He added that the company operates in multiple countries, and has established strong relationships with various governments in order to influence policies and laws related to natural resource management. By working closely with governments, the company aims to have a positive impact on the protection and management of natural resources in every country they operate in.

He also outlined ambitious plans for the next decade, highlighting a focus on expanding operations and partnerships to deliver wider impact. The organisation, which has been operating for over 10 years, aims to broaden its reach by entering new countries and forging stronger collaborations with governments, private sector and civil society organisations.

Mr. Baffoe expressed confidence in the organisation’s track record over the past decade, and believes they are well-positioned to achieve even more in the next few years.

By working together with partners, the organisation hopes to leverage their collective strengths and resources to deliver meaningful and sustainable impact.

The Krontihene of Ntotroso Traditional Area, Okofo Appiah Dankwa, expressed his appreciation for the organisation’s significant efforts in sustainable sourcing and production. He encouraged them to continue their impactful work and expand their support to other areas. He emphasised the importance of unity in achieving their goals, and urged them to remain committed in their mission.

About Proforest

Proforest is an independent organisation working with natural resource management and specialising in practical approaches to sustainability. Their expertise covers all aspects of the natural resources sector, from sustainable forestry and agricultural commodities production to responsible sourcing, supply chain management and investment.

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