Pan-African’s Donation Enhances Education in Three Institutions


Accra, 9th August 2023 – In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility, Pan-African Savings and Loans Company Ltd. (Pan-African) has made contributions to education by donating essential resources to three educational institutions.

The philanthropic gesture included providing mono desks and library books to the Tafo MA Junior High School, duo desks to the Achiase Wansanbire D/A Basic School and fixing the leaking roof of a classroom block along with supplying much-needed library books to the Madina Cluster of Schools.

Pan-African Savings and Loans Company Ltd has a commitment to providing convenient sustainable financial services to the economically active in Ghana and is recognized for excellence as a leading Savings and Loans institution.  They have always demonstrated their commitment to empowering communities through various initiatives and this recent donation represents a step towards ensuring students have access to a conducive learning environment that fosters their academic growth.

The first beneficiary, the Tafo MA Junior High School, received a donation of desks and library books from Pan-African. The new desks will alleviate the lack of seating arrangements, enabling students to focus on their studies comfortably. Additionally, the library books will open doors to a world of knowledge, encouraging students to cultivate a passion for reading.

Achiase Wansanbire D/A Basic School expressed their gratitude for Pan-African’s donation of desks, which will greatly improve the learning conditions for their students. With this thoughtful contribution, students will now have good seating, enhancing their concentration and overall learning experience.

Pan-African’s commitment to education was extended further to the Madina Cluster of Schools, where they went beyond their initial plans to address urgent infrastructural needs. The company’s support involved fixing a leaking classroom block, which had been causing disruptions to learning activities. Additionally, Pan-African provided relevant library books to enrich the available resources, enabling students to broaden their horizons.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Mrs. Linda Naykene, the Head, Corporate Affairs and Research of Pan-African, emphasized the importance of giving back to the community through educational initiatives. “Education plays a critical role in shaping the future of our society. We believe that every child deserves quality education, and we are dedicated to supporting educational institutions in providing the necessary tools for growth and development.” – Mrs. Linda Naykene.

The impact of Pan-African’s contribution will undoubtedly create a positive ripple effect within these institutions. Students and teachers alike will benefit from improved infrastructure and access to valuable resources, ultimately fostering a conducive learning environment.

Pan-African’s dedication to corporate social responsibility is commendable, setting an example for other businesses to follow suit. By investing in education, they are investing in the future of the community and empowering young minds to succeed and thrive.

The recent donation to these three educational institutions is a testament to Pan-African’s unwavering dedication to empowering the communities within which they operate, through education, and ultimately laying a strong foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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