Comms and Branding Insights: Rhythms On Da Runway: a harmonious fusion of fashion, music and environmental advocacy


The heartbeat of Africa’s fashion and music scene, Rhythms On Da Runway, is set to return with a resounding crescendo on December 2, 2023 at the World Trade Centre. This year’s spectacle, aptly themed ‘The Aqua Edition’, is poised to be a vibrant celebration of Africa’s rich cultural heritage, a platform for uniting communities, and a tribute to those tirelessly working to promote Africa on the global stage.

In a world where the power of strategic communication is leveraged to drive social causes and advocate for environmental stewardship, ‘Rhythms On Da Runway’ stands as a classic example of how entertainment and fashion can be harnessed to achieve these noble goals. Through a combination of artistry, passion and a commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, the event aims to not only acknowledge but actively promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 6 and 13.

 A fusion of fashion and advocacy

Last year, the ‘Green Edition’ of Rhythms On Da Runway shone a spotlight on sustainable fashion. This year, it turns its attention to two vital issues – the illegal mining crisis in the Atewa Forest of Ghana and the environmental impact caused by the disposal of second-hand clothing into our oceans. In a remarkable approach, ‘The Aqua Edition’ aims to initiate discussions, inspire action, and raise awareness of sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

The team behind ‘Rhythms On Da Runway’ is acutely aware of the global environmental challenges we face today. Their commitment to driving meaningful change in the face of these challenges is evident. By uniquely combining the urgent concerns of ocean pollution and environmental conservation, they seek to foster discussions, motivate individuals and industries to make sustainable choices, and promote environmental stewardship.

Kofi Okyere-Darko (KOD), the Creative President of NINETEEN57, expressed the event’s vision, saying: “As we venture into ‘The Aqua Edition,’ we are reminded that our actions have a profound impact on our planet and future generations. It is our sacred duty to safeguard these invaluable havens of biodiversity, not just for the sake of our children, but for the entire world to inherit the beauty and life they hold”.

Kofi Okyere-Darko (K O D)

The Power of collective action

‘Rhythms On Da Runway – The Aqua Edition’ isn’t just another event on the calendar; it’s a powerful testament to the transformative potential of collective action. This year’s show is poised to be an unforgettable evening, featuring top-tier talents in music and fashion. Expect a mesmerising fusion of traditional African rhythms, contemporary beats, and captivating runway displays by renowned African designers. The event will celebrate Africa’s diverse cultural identity and its global influence.

Music and fashion will harmoniously take center-stage, showcasing the richness of Africa’s musical heritage and the continent’s influence on global fashion. Iconic musical performances by renowned African artists will mesmerise the audience, while talented designers inspired by Africa’s vibrant cultures and natural landscapes will take the runway by storm.

In a world grappling with environmental issues, ‘Rhythms On Da Runway’ is a beacon of hope. It’s a testament to the power of art and entertainment in raising awareness, inspiring change, and fostering a commitment to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. As we witness the harmonious merger of music, fashion and responsibility, let this event serve as a declaration of our commitment to a world where Africa’s rich heritage is celebrated, trailblazers are acknowledged, and sustainable solutions ensure our planet thrives for generations to come.

A call to action

‘Rhythms On Da Runway – The Aqua Edition’ goes beyond being just an evening of entertainment; it’s a call to action, a reminder of our collective responsibility. It’s an acknowledgment that we all share this planet, and we must act to protect it.

Environmental sustainability is a pressing issue, and the organisers of this event are taking it head-on. By drawing attention to the illegal mining crisis and the environmental impact of clothing disposal in our oceans, they’re sending a powerful message to society and the fashion industry. They challenge us to rethink our consumption patterns, championing conscious consumerism and visionary design.

It’s not just about the clothes we wear but the values we uphold. Through ‘The Aqua Edition’, the creators of Rhythms On Da Runway advocate for a world where fashion isn’t just about style but substance. They emphasise the importance of thoughtful decision-making that prioritises environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

A showcase of Africa’s rich heritage

The event will transport participants into a world where Africa’s vibrant culture takes centre-stage. This celebration of African diversity is a testament to the continent’s unifying power. As Africa’s influence continues to grow on the global stage, events like ‘Rhythms On Da Runway’ stand as beacons of African identity, strength and unity.

Top-tier musical talents and renowned fashion designers will showcase the best of Africa’s creative genius. The runway will come alive with designs inspired by the rich tapestry of African cultures and the continent’s natural beauty. The music will take you on a journey through Africa’s unique rhythms and melodies, demonstrating its undeniable impact on global music.

But beyond the glamour, ‘The Aqua Edition’ symbolises a commitment to social causes. It’s a statement that fashion and music can serve as vehicles for change, platforms for advocacy, and beacons for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The fusion of entertainment and fashion at ‘Rhythms On Da Runway’ is not just about creating a spectacle; it’s about creating a movement. It’s an invitation to dance to the rhythm of environmental responsibility to join in unity and promote the values of sustainability and social responsibility.

So, whether you’re one of the lucky attendees at the prestigious World Trade Centre or part of the global audience tuning in via television or online, prepare to be thrilled, moved and inspired. ‘Rhythms On Da Runway’ is not just a show; it’s an experience, a call to action, and a celebration of the transformative potential of collective action.

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