Platinum Dental introduces inhalation sedation


The lead clinician of Platinum Orthodontics and Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Norvishie Arkutu, who is a Consultant Orthodontist, has reiterated the need for dentists to embrace innovation and technology in improving the oral care needs of Ghanaians in a bid to ensure international standards are met and maintained.

Dr. Arkutu expressed her views during the launch of inhalation sedation services at Platinum Dental Services located at Airport Hills, East Airport. The launch was informative and sought to provide information on the use of this ultra safe method in alleviating anxiety both in adults and children whilst show casing the equipment that this necessitates.

The decision to invest in this new service and equipment which is currently the only existing facility in Ghana offering this, was to help address the plight of clients who experience significantly heightened levels of anxiety when visiting the dentist.

Dental anxiety is the fear, apprehension or stress associated with being in a dental setting that often leads to a delay or outright avoidance of dental treatment. Dental anxiety stems from multiple sources including, a previous traumatic dental or other healthcare experience, fear of the unknown, anticipation of pain or discomfort, fear of loss of control, and a general feeling of vulnerability in a medical setting.

Despite an increasing awareness of oral health, dental anxiety in Ghana is rarely addressed even though it affects approximately 30percent of any population, with 12percent having extreme fear and 3percent avoiding the dentist at all costs even when in extreme pain. This leads to avoidance of dental care, and ultimately results in dental problems getting worse. This results in a greater need for emergency care and more complex treatment, which in turn feeds the ‘vicious cycle of dental anxiety’ making each visit more difficult and unpleasant.

She was confident that the investment made by Platinum Dental will go a long way in improving the oral care needs and generally the healthcare delivery system within the country. In her remarks, she assured those present of the resolution of Platinum Dental in maintaining its position of being innovative and working to international best practice and being at the forefront of dentistry in Ghana.

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