Harmonious Impact: Hoodtalk Music Festival and Edemfest unite for pediatric hospital project in Volta


The Edemfest and Hoodtalk Music Festival seamlessly merged their efforts to champion the establishment of a specialized pediatric health facility in the Volta Region.

At a fundraising concert in Ho Jubilee Park, organized by the Dream Child Foundation, entrepreneurs, chiefs, and state officials gathered to launch this significant project—one of five planned nationwide.

Edem, a prominent artist from the Volta Region, headlined the major musical event that showcased both renowned artists and local talents.

Togbe Afede XIV and Mr. Divine Bosson, the Municipal Chief Executive for Ho, were present, with Mr. Bosson expressing gratitude to Togbe Afede for his instrumental role in advancing the pediatric hospital project.

Assuring that construction would commence soon, Mr. Bosson pledged support from the Assembly for the realization of this crucial healthcare initiative. Togbe Afede XIV, honored by the Dream Child Foundation, spoke of the project’s positive impact and the collective commitment to making it a reality.

The Agbogbomefia highlighted how the initiative aligns with his 20-year reign’s developmental vision, vowing to collaborate with chiefs and local authorities to build not only Ho and Asogli but also contribute to the broader development of Volta and Ghana.

Dr. Annette Akuban, the focal person for pediatric care in the Volta Region, emphasized the urgent need for such a facility due to population growth and strain on existing health centers.

Paa Kwesi Holbrook-Smith, Director of Dreamchild Foundation, revealed the initiative’s 12-year journey, rooted in the desire of business individuals to support vulnerable African children through corporate social responsibility.

The concert, powered by Virtual Hub, marked its third edition and was deemed “very successful,” showcasing robust support for the pediatric health intervention.

The lineup of artists, including Tinny, Epixode, Kelvynboy, and Jupitar, entertained the audience, and Edem delivered a captivating live band performance to conclude the event at 5:00 am on Sunday.

The artists rallied the crowd to pledge support for the African child, urging everyone to join the pediatric project.

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