Foreign Trade Association of German Retail Trade partner AGAM to support apparel manufacturers


 The Association of Ghana Apparel Manufacturers (AGAM) and Foreign Trade Association of the German Retail Trade (AVE) have announced a new partnership aimed at fostering sustainable growth and employment development in Ghana’s textile sector.

This collaboration is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

A press release issued in Accra said: “The partnership will focus on three primary objectives: strengthening the management of AGAM in a sustainable manner; providing demand-oriented services for member companies; and establishing a professional representation of interests.

“Our collaboration with AVE will empower us to better manage our organisation, offer tailored services to our members, and professionally advocate for their interests,” said Ms. Nura Salifu, Acting President-AGAM.

She added: “The joint endeavour is part of a broader objective to improve the business environment for Ghanaian enterprises in the Apparel, Garment and Textiles sector, which in turn will drive economic growth and employment development across Ghana”.

“We see this partnership as an opportunity to bolster sustainable development in the textiles sector. Our joint efforts will enhance competitiveness, fostering a stronger, more resilient textiles sector,” stated Prof. Dr. Tobias Wollermann, President-AVE.

The partnership will also encompass capacity-building efforts, training programmes and networking opportunities that can further enhance the skill-sets of these enterprises and promote sustainability for AGAM management.

“This significant collaboration represents an international commitment to bolstering economic development in Ghana, with particular attention to the textile industry. Both AGAM and AVE eagerly anticipate the positive impacts this partnership will bring to the nation’s textiles sector and broader economic landscape,” the release concluded.

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