Marriage matters – Boatemaa’s perspective


In the vibrant city of Accra, my name is Boatemaa Wiredu and I find myself lost in contemplation about marriage. With each passing day, I observed the lives of those around me, leading me to ponder the intricate web of emotions, desires and realities that marriage entails.

My curiosity began with a simple question: Must marriage be the only path to procreation? As I watched couples celebrating the joy of parenthood, I wondered if commitment was truly a prerequisite for raising a family. I envisioned a world where love, respect and shared values could create nurturing environments for children, whether within the bounds of matrimony or not.

Companionship, another allure of marriage, fascinated me. I marvel at couples who seem to glide through life as a harmonious duet. Yet, I can’t ignore the countless pairs who appeared to coexist rather than thrive together. I believe that true companionship requires continuous effort, open communication, and a genuine connection beyond societal expectations.

My musings on self-worth echoed strongly. I realised that personal fulfilment should never hinge on another’s presence. While companionship could enrich one’s life, completeness must come from within—an understanding that even marriage couldn’t instill. I admire those who embrace their individuality, even while cherishing their partnerships.

As I explored the motivations behind modern marriages, this is how I understand marriage. By the way, I’m a spirited entrepreneur who challenges conventional notions. I believe that marriage must be a partnership founded on shared dreams and growth. My concern about financial dependence and advice is choosing a partner who encourages independence while offering unwavering support.

My take on the role of gender in relationships.

The notion of property division after divorce sparked intense introspection. I questioned whether true equality existed when it came to assets, responsibilities, and the intricate dance of parenting. I yearn for a world where partnerships are built on fairness and mutual respect.

In my quest to understand marriage’s essence and knowing the evolving nature of unions, I believe that the purpose of marriage has shifted over time. Some still seek the traditional comforts of companionship while others seek personal growth and shared aspirations. I, therefore, want you to embrace the idea that the essence of marriage is what individuals make of it, shaped by their values and goals.

As I continued my journey, I met a couple whose marriage was founded on mutual admiration, shared dreams, and unwavering support. They debunked many of my doubts. They epitomised the ideal balance of companionship and individuality, proving that marriage, when nurtured with care, could be a source of enduring happiness.

In the end, I have realised that the essence of marriage is as diverse as the people who embarked on its journey. I understand that the decision to marry is deeply personal and should align with one’s values, dreams and desires. As I watch the sunset over Accra, I appreciate that the true purpose of marriage is not a universal answer but a uniquely personal one—a canvas on which individuals can paint their own vibrant stories of love, growth and companionship.

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