Marketing for Entrepreneurs with Tarsicius Edem Dorpenyo: The Akosombo Dam spillage


– an opportunity for businesses to embrace cause-marketing

In the Akosombo Dam spillage’s wake, a remarkable opportunity has emerged for businesses to extend a helping hand and demonstrate their commitment to a greater cause. The flooding, which has impacted numerous communities downstream, has resulted in substantial property losses and displacement of residents in the Lower Volta Basin. However, amid this unprecedented disaster lies a chance for businesses of all sizes and industries to embrace a cause-marketing approach.

Cause-marketing, also known as cause-related marketing, is more than just a buzzword. It’s a powerful strategy that enables businesses to align themselves with a social or environmental cause, thereby incorporating this cause into their business operations and marketing campaigns. Here’s how to make it not only successful but also captivating:

  1. Collaboration with Purpose

Your journey into cause-marketing begins with finding the right partner – an organisation that shares your vision and values. In the Ghanaian context, organisations like Citifm and Citi TV have a track record of aiding communities in need. They’ve been known to provide critical support during times of crisis, such as the Sierra Leone mudslide and flood. They’re currently supporting the Akosombo Dam spillage victims, making them an ideal partner for your business. For guidance, consider reaching out to the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO).

  1. Amplify Awareness

Utilise your marketing prowess to raise awareness about the challenges faced by flood victims. Take to social media to shed light on unreported struggles, and consider dedicating your marketing efforts to honouring the heroes who’ve stepped up during this catastrophe.

  1. Align with Impact

Some businesses choose to align their products or services with a cause, such as the ‘One4Lyf’ initiative by Kasapreko Company Limited. They contribute a portion of revenue from Awake Mineral Water to the National Cardiothoracic Centre. This not only supports a critical cause but also showcases your commitment to the community.

Why businesses should support the flood victims

  1. Enhanced Brand Reputation: Cause-marketing bolsters a business’s image as a socially responsible entity, which can lead to greater consumer trust and loyalty.
  2. Competitive Edge: In a competitive landscape, cause-marketing sets you apart by demonstrating a commitment beyond profits.
  3. Customer Loyalty: Customers stick around when they see a company supporting a cause they care about, forming deep emotional connections.
  4. New Customer Attraction: Cause-marketing attracts like-minded consumers who actively seek companies that share their values.
  5. Positive Publicity: Cause-marketing often garners media and social media attention, boosting your visibility.
  6. Employee Engagement: Employees are proud to work for a socially-conscious company, leading to higher morale, job satisfaction and retention.
  7. Community Bond: Cause-marketing fosters a stronger connection between your business and the community, resulting in deeper customer relationships.
  8. Real Impact: Even small businesses can create meaningful change through cause-marketing, making a significant difference.


In conclusion, cause-marketing is not just about profits; it’s about making a positive impact on the world. It’s an opportunity to show your community that your business cares and is willing to help without expecting direct financial gain. Through careful marketing during a disaster, your business can earn trust and loyalty by demonstrating genuine compassion and support.

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