Traders unhappy over neglect of market projects in Kumasi


Traders at the Kejetia Market in Kumasi have lamented government’s failure to complete some market projects in the Ashanti Regional capital.

Projects such as the Kejetia Market phase II and III, refurbishing parts of Kejetia Market – which was gutted by fire in March this year – and Krofrom Market have been left to fate, as work has been halted at these sites for some time now.

At a press conference to address the media about their unhappiness over these abandoned markets, a leader at the Kejetia Market, Nana Asare Bediako, questioned why these projects have not been completed.

Kejetia Central Market phase II, II and III

Nana Asare Bediako further described government’s inability to complete the Kejetia Central Market phase II and III as disheartening.

According to him, some projects are still under construction in other parts of the country, yet contractors have left these aforementioned sites. This, the traders say, is a calculated effort by government to sideline the Ashanti Region.

Nana Asare Bediako, middle, addressing the media

“It is very disheartening that ever since phase one of the three phases of this project was completed, till date, no attention has been paid to the other remaining two phases. When several months ago work on the phase two of the project was halted, some government officials said it was just for a holiday break. Here we are today, several months down the line the purported holiday hasn’t come to an end. Now that reality has caught up with us all, we are being told that COVID-19 and the Russia Ukraine war has impacted the economy negatively.

“May we please ask why projects in other parts of Ghana are not affected by the above-mentioned conditions. Why are projects in Accra going on steadily yet those in Ashanti Region have been halted?” he quizzed.

“If all projects across the country come to a halt, then we will be convinced things are bad for government. But if it is pick and choose which projects get halted and almost all are in the Ashanti Region, then we believe there is a conspiracy against us in the Ashanti Region,” he added.

Kejetia fire

On the Kejetia fire, the traders wanted to know when refurbishment work will be completed at the site. They thus encouraged government to ensure the market is refurbished and ready for use as soon as possible.

“Has government ever bothered to learn how the victims are surviving till date? Where is government’s support that Vice President Bawumia promised the affected traders? When will the traders be restored back to trading again? Does the Vice President really care about these affected traders?” Asare Bediako further asked.

Krofrom Market project

Asare Bediako further expressed regret that since the Krofrom Market project began after government assumed office in 2017, work has been halted – and for seven long years nothing has been done about it.

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