Best Western Premier Hotel hosts key business partners


Four-star hospitality facility, Best Western Premier Hotel, has organised a cocktail party for their key business partners as part of efforts to forge a lasting relations with them.

The “Reservers Cocktail” event was also the hotel’s way of updating reservers about new innovations that have been deployed by management to boost the experience of visitors who lodge at the facility.

Sales and Marketing Manager of the hotel, Elliot Nortey, told the B&FT in an interview: “This is an annual event to appreciate our cherished partners, specifically reservers, who keep bring business to us.

In the hospitality business, we spend a lot of time serving people but at the same time we have to look back and find a way of appreciating the people who keep us in business.”

The cocktail event also provided an opportunity for management to inform reservers about current innovations and promotional packages that have been deployed the facility to boost the experience of visitors who lodge at the hotel as the Valentine’s Day celebration draws closer.

Mr. Nortey added: “At Best Western Premier Hotel, we strive to provide nothing but the best; we will continue to ensure superior excellence which is one of our core values.

Going forward, customers should expect that standard of a four-star hotel that is gearing towards attaining a five-star status.

We believe in the leadership and expertise of our staff to ensure exceptional ambience to anyone who comes into contact with our facility by providing excellent room service, cuisine and general hospitality.”

Chief Executive Officer of Best Western Premier, Zibrim Yamusah, commended the reservers for sustaining business relations with the facility over the years.

“This cocktail event is activity is unique because it creates an avenue for management to engage our reservers and interact with them on the kind of services that we provided to them throughout the year,” he told the B&FT.

Mr. Yamusah said the hotel in the quest to offer seamless customer service delivery has undertaken a number of innovations

He said: “Over the last year, we have opened the Mma Zara Restaurant, increased broadband coverage to 25 megabytes to ensure superior best internet experience, and also change our Television systems to meet modern demand. We will continue to improve on our services as a leading player in the hospitality landscape.”

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