Ghana’s Facility Management Professionals soar to new heights


In a remarkable testament to the growing prominence of the Facility Management industry in Ghana, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Ghana marked a pivotal moment on Friday, October 27th. The occasion was nothing short of a triumph, as nine new Facility Management professionals were welcomed into the fold, pushing Ghana’s tally to an impressive 108 and counting.

This significant achievement underscores the country’s relentless pursuit of effective and efficient facility management. The newly minted professionals, hailing from a diverse range of public and private institutions, embody the nation’s commitment to excellence. Among the distinguished participants were representatives from GCB Bank PLC, Tullow Ghana, Fides Group, Scancom Ghana, Google, and even the esteemed British High Commission.

Desmond, a passionate participant from the British High Commission, could barely contain his enthusiasm after completing the five-day training program. “This is a dream come true,” he declared, a gleam of satisfaction in his eyes. “I’ve longed for the opportunity to undertake this course, and I’m thrilled that I finally did.” His words resonated with the sentiments of countless others, all sharing a collective aspiration for professional growth.

The comprehensive training program was designed to equip Facility Managers with a well-rounded skillset. Over the five days, participants delved into Operations and Maintenance, Leadership and Strategy, Business and Finance, and Project Management. The knowledge gained during the course promises to be transformative for their careers and the facilities they manage.

Lawrence, a participant who also happens to be an architect, believes that the course modules, in tandem with his architectural prowess, will set him apart from his colleagues. “It will enhance my efficiency at work,” he confidently affirmed. Lawrence’s optimism mirrors the collective spirit of these emerging Facility Management professionals, poised to take their industry to new heights.

The IFMA Ghana’s dedication to nurturing the growth of Facility Management in the country is indeed praiseworthy. With 108 professionals and counting, Ghana is making strides towards a future where its facilities are managed with the utmost effectiveness and efficiency, promising a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.

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