Mastercard Foundation Empowers Women-Led MSMEs in Agricultural Value Chains


The Mastercard Foundation is dedicated to empowering women-owned and operated MSMEs within agricultural value chains in the country. Their commitment extends to bolstering agro-processors and related agricultural businesses to enhance the agricultural sector. They aim to overcome barriers by harnessing digital technology for productivity improvement, facilitating access to financial services and markets, and strengthening policy implementation.

During a recent media engagement, Mrs. Kafui Mills-Odoi, the Lead of Youth Engagement at the Mastercard Foundation, highlighted their key initiatives, including training young women and men for vital roles in relevant sectors and the digitization of associated value chains. She emphasized that by 2030, Ghana aspires to become a continental example of youth, especially women, shaping the future of work and creating an inclusive, resilient economy for the most vulnerable.

The Foundation plans to collaborate with governments and the private sector to establish long-term strategies for each country, focusing on critical areas of interest. These plans aim to enhance access to quality education and vocational training, equipping youth with digital skills for employment and facilitating the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses through improved access to financial services.

Rica Rwigamba, the Country Director at Mastercard Foundation Ghana, expressed their commitment to aiding economically disadvantaged young people in Africa, offering opportunities to lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty. Their core belief is that everyone, regardless of their starting point, should have an equal opportunity to succeed through education, financial services, and skills training.

The overarching mission of Mastercard Foundation is to advance education and financial inclusion to promote prosperity in developing countries and to support Indigenous youth worldwide. They aspire to create a world where everyone has the chance to learn and prosper, with a particular focus on Indigenous youth’s education, meaningful work, and livelihoods that align with their values, traditions, and aspirations.

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