Daystar Power inaugurates 1.6 MW solar power system for Ghandour Cosmetics

Daystar Power inaugurates 1.6 MW solar power system for Ghandour Cosmetics

Daystar Power, the leading provider of solar power solutions to West Africa’s industrial manufacturers, announced that it has installed a 1.6 MW solar plant for Ghandour Cosmetic to power its operations with solar energy. It is the largest solar installation for a cosmetics company in Ghana.

The company is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the country, using renewable energy to power its factories.

The rooftop installation consists of 2,964 x 535Wp panels, offsetting 20,150 MT in CO2 emissions, an equivalent of approximately 16,600 trees planted annually over the installations’ lifetime, and significantly reducing the company’s power costs.

The installation of the solar plant aligns with Ghandour’s mission to drive sustainability across its value chain. “As a company, we are environmentally conscious. Our partnership with Daystar is a step in the right direction toward reducing our costs from an environmental and financial perspective”, said Tanal Ghandour, CEO of Ghandour Cosmetics.

“Reliable and cost-effective power is fundamental to the development of local industries that can compete globally. Ghandour remains an industry leader, and we hope to see more industries transition to renewable energy which are not only cheaper, but are also cleaner sources of energy,” said Olaedo Osoka, CEO of Daystar Power (West Africa).

Ghana is poised to drive the transition to renewables in the region. The government of Ghana, in addition to being a signatory to the Paris Agreement, has demonstrated that increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix is a priority. To meet the country’s goals to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, more industries will need to transition to renewable energy sources.


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