British Council supports ‘Pa Gya!’ Literary Festival 2023


The British Council has supported the ‘Pa Gya’ Literary Festival 2023 edition with a grant of £11,500 to curate its activities and 11-member delegation from sub-Saharan Africa, Wales and the UK.

The delegation, comprising writers, poets, academics, editors, illustrators, literary agents and bloggers, will actively participate in panel discussions, workshops and other engaging activities during the festival.

The Pa Gya! Literary Festival 2023 is being organised by Writers Project of Ghana (WPG), a distinguished international literary organisation.

Pa Gya! meaning ‘ignite’ in Akan, encapsulates the essence of this literary extravaganza – a celebration of the power of words and an illumination of African literary brilliance.

The festival will serve as a testament of WPG’s commitment to promoting a rich literary culture in Africa and across the globe.

According to a press release by WPG, the three-day literary arts festival is set to unfold from Friday 13 October 2023 to Sunday 15 October 2023, at the prestigious Goethe-Institute in Accra. The festival promises an array of stimulating activities such as readings, panel discussions, performances, book launches, literary prize awards, art talks, exhibitions, film screenings and much more. It’s an event that seeks to unite literary enthusiasts, authors, poets, academics and various literary practitioners from Ghana, Africa, the Black Diaspora and around the world

Apart from financial support, the British Council will organise specialised workshops for literary writers and publishers at their space on 13th October 2023. Furthermore, the British Council will facilitate a dinner hosted by the British High Commission in Accra – fostering valuable networking opportunities among the literary community.

The British Council’s support for the Pa Gya! Literary Festival aligns seamlessly with its commitment to nurturing creative talents through the Creative Enterprise Support Programme. While the programme has historically focused on film and music, the British Council’s investment in the literary sphere marks a significant step forward. By providing grant funding and backing a diverse delegation, the British Council aims to enrich the festival experience; ensuring it becomes a vibrant platform for dialogue, idea-exchange and professional development.

The British Council’s involvement in the Pa Gya! Literary Festival 2023 exemplifies their dedication to nurturing creativity, supporting cultural endeavours and fostering a thriving literary ecosystem in Ghana. This collaboration promises a celebration of literature that will leave a lasting impact on the nation’s literary landscape.

Accra’s recent designation as the World Book Capital in 2023 by UNESCO underscores the city’s cultural richness and literary significance. The British Council, in line with this global recognition, reaffirms its commitment to supporting Ghana’s literary community. Their holistic approach, emphasising professional development, networking, research and collaborative engagement, mirrors the British Council’s dedication to empowering the creative arts sector.

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