Aveyime residents worry about possible spread of COVID-19 in the community


The chiefs and people of Aveyime, a town in the North Tongu district of the Volta Region, have expressed fear over the spread of coronavirus in the area and called for checks at their entry points.

Torgbe Yaka II, Chief of Aveyime, underscored the need for authorities to institute measures that curtail spread of the virus; and also want the assembly and Member of Parliament (MP) for the area to take a keen interest, particularly, in educating residents and distributing PPE.

To him, the district shares boundaries with the Eastern and Greater Accra Regions and they might lose the battle against COVID-19. Hence, he suggested urgent measures such as policing their entry points and educating residents to observe laid-down protocols by government and Ghana Health Services to help curb spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now, the North Tongu district shares borders with the Eastern and Greater Accra Regions and we are exposed to this virus – because we are very much aware that people from the Greater Accra and Eastern Regions are coming into our area, and something must be done to check these people. They are coming through Sege, Asutuare, Akuse, Kpong and river -connecting to the district,” he noted.

He bemoaned the lack of stakeholder consultation on how to campaign and win the battle against the virus, urging others to collaborate with the traditional rulers on a regular basis to help combat it for peaceful development of the area.

“Our main concern here is the lack of communication between the MP and DCE; ever since this coronavirus issue came up, they have not established any contact with the traditional authorities to educate us or give us any information on how to educate our people to best fight COVID-19,” he told the B&FT in an interview.

An opinion leader of the Torgbe Kumi stool, Papa Kpobi, said COVID-19 is real and as a result called for equipping the only health facility in the area with Personal Protective Equipment to enhance operations for health personnel at the facility.

Youth Secretary of the area, Adavu Clemence, confirmed all guest-houses within the district are full to capacity as a result of people trooping-in during the lockdown.

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