PayAngel CEO honoured at Innovations in Payments and Remittances Awards in London


In a spectacular celebration of innovation and excellence in the payments and remittances industry, PayAngel’s Founder and CEO, Jones Amegbor, a native of Ghana, was honoured with the prestigious Leader of the Year 2023 award at the Innovations in Payments and Remittances Awards (IPR Awards 2023). The event, held at Convene at the heart of London brought together industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries.

Celebrating excellence in money transfers

The IPR Awards stand as a beacon for recognizing excellence and ingenuity within the payments and remittances sector. These awards act as a stage for acknowledging remarkable feats achieved by both entities and individuals, who have made substantial contributions to the industry.

Leader of the Year: a distinguished honor

The Leader of the Year award is an exclusive accolade reserved for extraordinary individuals who have left an indelible mark on the money transfer domain. To secure this prestigious recognition, nominees must showcase an exemplary leadership track record, an exceptional ability to foresee the future, and a resolute commitment to innovation. This award serves as a testament to their profound influence on their organization and the industry at large.

Mr. Amegbor’s elevation to Leader of the Year is a testament to his remarkable leadership, unwavering vision, and execution within the realm of money transfers. His commitment to driving innovation and steering through complex challenges has not only benefitted PayAngel but has also left a lasting impact on the entire industry.

His journey through leadership has been nothing short of exceptional. He has consistently inspired his team, pioneered innovations, and skilfully navigated intricate challenges, ultimately yielding remarkable results for PayAngel and the broader industry. His leadership, dedication, and visionary approach have been instrumental in propelling PayAngel’s growth and success.

A decade of dedication and perseverance

The ascent to this pinnacle of success spans a remarkable ten years, characterized by unrelenting dedication, extreme perseverance, and moments of serendipity that propelled PayAngel to the forefront of the payments and remittances sector. Over this decade, PayAngel has been the vanguard of groundbreaking solutions, revolutionizing the way people transfer money across borders and interact with financial services in their home countries.

Inspiring the next generation

Jones Amegbor’s vision for PayAngel extends far beyond business triumphs. His driving force lies in the profound commitment to inspire and empower Africa and its diaspora. He firmly believes that PayAngel’s achievements can serve as a beacon of hope and motivation for countless others.

In his own words, “If these accomplishments inspire even a single individual to believe that we, as Africans, are capable of conquering the world and achieving success, then I would consider my goal of inspiring and empowering Africa and its diaspora fulfilled.”

Honorary mention: social impact award

Alongside the prestigious Leader of the Year Award, PayAngel was also bestowed with an Honorary Mention in the Social Impact category. This recognition underscores the company’s dedication to integrating social objectives into its strategy, contributing to financial inclusion and literacy.

A night of achievement and acknowledgment

Among this year’s other distinguished winners in various categories were renowned names such as CurrencyCloud by Visa, ClearJunction, Trust Payment, and payonline. The ceremony traditionally attracts key industry players, including MoneyGram, Western Union, Worldpay by FIS, Trust Pay, Terrapay, Flutterwave, AZA Finance, GB Group, Daytona, ClearJunction, Trust Payments, USI Money, UnityLink, Leatherback, and many others. The event brought together a diverse and influential audience from the world of money remittance and financial services.

A promising future ahead

As PayAngel continues to spearhead the revolution in cross-border payments, Jones Amegbor’s achievements serve as an inspiration not only to the payments and remittances industry but also to Africa and its diaspora.

His leadership exemplifies the potential of Africans to make a global impact, and his commitment to empowering others shines as a guiding beacon for future generations. The company’s triumph at the IPR Awards reaffirms its status as an industry frontrunner and a catalyst for positive change.

The wholly Ghanaian owned company remains steadfast in its mission to empower Africa and its diaspora. Serving as Africa’s foremost payments expert, PayAngel is dedicated to bridging people, businesses, and opportunities. This mission perfectly aligns with the ethos of the IPR Awards, which champion excellence and innovation in the money transfer community.

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