Writing about writing with Nana Elikem: Countdown to Election 2016 (Part 3) – A Short Story by Nana Elikem


Monday, December 05, 2016

2 days to the elections…

Today is the third day since Miriam broke up with Koku. He felt depressed by the loss of the love of his life. By the day, he looked sick. The pain of the break up sat on his chest. It was too heavy for him yet he had to carry it around amidst all the campaign duties. Though he smiled with the constituents and his colleagues, each time he faked his happiness, something in him grabbed his heart tight and crushed it into pieces. The brightness inside of him was gulped by something dark.

As he laid in bed and considered the activities of the day, especially the Regional Rally scheduled to come off at the Accra Sports Stadium later in the afternoon, he recollected some of the good times he had with Miriam. His most memorable day of their eight years together was their first date. It was a sunset picnic beach date. Koku recalls that day vividly because of how the sun poured its brilliant hot oranges and reds into the clouds like a pot of molten lava. Never before had he realized how tenuous and thin the tranquil clouds were – wispy and frail. The cool breeze from the sea complimented the beauty of the sunset.

The beach was gentle beneath their bare feet. The sat on tips of shells peeked from holes made by little creature seeking shelter in the soft sand. The sun’s rays peacefully floated, resting on the warm waters. A few trees lined up along the coast and gave them a touch of shade to sit beneath. It was there that Koku poured out his heart to Miriam.

“I can’t hold my heart from falling in love with you. You are in my heart so I don’t look outside for you. When I touch my heart I can feel you. I will never let you go because there is no better place I would rather be than be with you. Anytime I smile, you are the reason behind that smile. Thoughts about you make my life meaningful. Your smile gives me relief when I’m in pain. Your words inspire me to go ahead and your love makes the whole world beautiful…” Koku continued until Miriam could not hold her tears back.

Koku himself was drawn to tears as remembered the tight hug Miriam gave him that day. In the middle of relishing the experience, his phone rang.

“Koku, come and park the campaign car in my house,” that was the MP Aspirant. “That’s what I will drive to the rally today. You can use my salon car.”

“Okay, sir.”

Koku was not in the least bothered by the swap of cars. Actually, he was not really excited about going to the rally at all. That morning, thinking about Miriam made him sluggish.

Koku picked his phone and called Miriam for the umpteenth time and there was no answer. He checked her status on Whatsapp and she was online. His newsfeed on Facebook even showed that she was commenting on posts about the Kossi Akplah and Friends in Live Comedy Show coming up on December 24 at Kuku’s Nest at Industrial Area.

Somehow, Koku found the strength to get prepared and go to the rally. He stepped out of the house at 12.45 pm. The press release that was circulated said that the programme was scheduled to start at 1 pm. He was late. That was attributable to the electricity in his house going off three times that morning. When it finally came back on, he burned his pristine white campaign shirt. He, therefore, wore a shirt that was not branded in the NDC party colours. He would get another one when picks the car up from the MP aspirant’s house.

A few metres away from his house, he spotted a beautiful damsel. She stood beside a car and the bonnet was open. It looked like her car had developed a fault and she needed help. Koku smiled as he got closer to the lady. Momentarily, he forgot about Miriam and the fact that he had a rally to attend. A few metres closer and he had a better view of the lady. He let his eyes slide over her body, adding up her pluses and minuses like she was a mathematical equation. If she ranked high enough, she was in for a lucky day. Per his calculations, she was a seven, not bad. It was her breasts that let her down. There were not large enough. Koku considers himself a nine, at least. The lady did not really meet his standards but he would manage, especially because he did not really have anyone at the moment.

His smile was from ear to ear when he reached the lady. “Hi,” he greeted. “I see your baby has let you down.”

That made the lady chuckle. “Yeah. Can you help?” She asked.

Say no more, Koku thought and went straight to the bonnet to examine the car. “Please, turn the ignition on,” he requested.

After two failed attempts. He moved to the driver’s seat and politely asked the lady to come out so he tried turning it on himself. The first thing he noticed was the NDC flag sitting in the front seat of the car.

He turned to the lady with another big grin on his face and said, “JM…”

“Toaso!” She responded.

On that happy note, he turned the ignition on and, vroom, the car was back to normal.

“Afa!” Koku whispered and stepped out of the car.

To be continued…

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