Energy Commission to review wiring regulations


…certifies new badge of 267 professionals in Accra

The Energy Commission will undertake a comprehensive review of the Electrical Wiring Regulation, 2011 (L.I 2008) next year, the Commission’s Executive Secretary Oscar Amonoo-Neizer has said.

This revision will ensure that the regulations are in line with latest industry advancements as well as align with international best practices.

Mr. Amonoo-Neizer added the Commission has also embarked on a collaboration with the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) to review and elevate the electrical wiring standards to foster a culture of safety and adapt to evolving needs of the electrical landscape.

He explained that the move is in response to an observed increase in adoption of renewable energy systems and smart home technology, hence the need to offer services that cater for the growing demands.

“We are seeing an increase in adoption of renewable energy systems, such as rooftop solar panels. Smart homes and electric vehicles are two more trends that are significantly impacting the electrical industry. With the increasing adoption of smart home technology, homeowners are now able to control various aspects of their homes including lighting, heating and security systems, using their smartphones or other connected devices.

“As certified electrical wiring professionals, it is important to keep up with these developments and offer services that cater to the growing demand for smart homes. The review will enable us to design and install electrical systems that are safe, reliable and efficient,” he said at the 19th Electrical Wiring Certification Awards ceremony in Accra.

The Commission, he said, has also developed Electrical Wiring Cables and Accessories Regulations, currently in parliament and awaiting approval.

When approved, it will ensure that only electrical cables and accessories that meet standards established by the Ghana Standard Authority are available for sale and use in the country.

He therefore urged the citizenry to accept the recommendation of using only wiring practitioners certified by the Energy Commission to use GSA-approved electrical wiring cables and accessories.

The Executive Secretary said this as his outfit, in line with the Electrical Wiring Programme, certified a new batch of 267 professionals at a ceremony held in Accra.

He noted that the programme’s intervention has gone a long way to reduce the spate of fires in homes, markets and other facilities – thus making the wiring industry in Ghana a much safer venture.

The Board Chairman-Energy Commission, Professor Ebenezer Oduro-Owusu, congratulated the graduates and advised them to seek continuous improvement in the field and exhibit an appropriate attitude toward work.

Director for Electricity and Natural Gas Directorate at the Commission, Anthony Bleboo, took the opportunity to alert the public that there is still a sizeable number of persons without the requisite knowledge and skill who have not been certified yet are conducting electrical wiring; hence, they should be careful while the police intervene to arrest these recalcitrant, uncertified electricians.

He also reminded all certified electricians that the Ghana electrical wiring standards are being enforced by the Energy Commission, and violating any aspect of them will not be tolerated.

Over the past decade, more than 14,000 electrical wiring practitioners have been certified; and in the 2023 May/June examination alone, a total of 796 candidates passed – demonstrating the widespread impact of this programme across the country.

In Tamale 226 individuals passed, with 204 being Certified Electrical Wiring Practitioners (CEWPs) and 22 inspectors. In Takoradi 106 candidates passed, of which 104 were CEWPs and 2 were inspectors. In Kumasi 197 individuals passed, with 195 being CEWPs and 2 inspectors. In Accra 267 individuals passed, with 260 being CEWPs and 7 inspectors.

The Commission has opened its doors to enrol students for the next examination window, which will come on in November/December this year.

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