Mobile Money intensifies fight against fraud


The Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs at Mobile Money Limited, Paapa Osei, has emphasised that the company will continue to further collaborate with other security agencies in the fight against mobile money fraud.

Mr. Osei stated that Mobile Money Limited, with the help of relevant security agencies, is taking proactive measures to ensure safety for customers’ transactions.

“The space is maturing and there are dynamic ways through which people try to defraud others, so what we have to do is be on top of our game. So, it won’t just be EOCO but the police service and all who matter – and that is the way forward for us,” he said during a three-day training organised by Mobile Money Limited.

Mr. Osei added that it is crucial for companies to remain vigilant and adapt to new challenges. He said by joining forces with security agencies, MTN Mobile Money aims to create a safer environment for its customers and maintain their trust in the service.

On her part, a member of the legal team at the Economic Organised Crime Office (EOCO) highlighted the importance of forming partnerships in the fight against fraud. She emphasised that EOCO is fully equipped to investigate and pursue individuals involved in fraudulent activities.

Ms. Asamoah issued a stern warning to those involved in fraudulent activities, urging them to cease their actions immediately. She stated that EOCO will not hesitate to come after anyone engaged in such vices. Furthermore, she reminded individuals involved in fraudulent activities that EOCO has the authority to confiscate any proceeds of crime, regardless of how they were acquired.

“We are fully armed and ready to take on these criminals; if you have any intentions of going into fraudulent activities, I advise you to back-off now. For those already involved, it is in your best interest to stop. Failure to do so will result in EOCO pursuing you and confiscating any ill-gotten gains,” she said.

The three-day training organised for staff of EOCO comes on the back of a memorandum of understanding signed between the two organisations. Each day covered 60 people for training throughout the three days.

As part of the MoU, MTN Mobile Money is to provide training and technical know-how to EOCO investigators. The training is to enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the techniques and tactics employed by fraudsters operating in the mobile money industry.

By familiarising themselves with these methods, EOCO investigators will be better equipped to tackle organised crime head-on.

The collaboration between EOCO and MTN Mobile Money marks a significant step in the fight against organised crime in the country’s mobile money industry. With EOCO’s determination and the support of MTN Mobile Money, it is hoped that fraudulent activities will be significantly curtailed; ensuring a safer and more secure environment for mobile money users in the country.

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