Strengthening AI-powered solutions for shared success


Patrons at this year’s Huawei Connect – the annual flagship event hosted by Huawei for the global ICT industry – were not disappointed! The gathering, which is the first physical Huawei Connect to be held in China owing to the COVID-19 pandemic which had a significant impact on that country, lived up to the billing. Held in Shanghai, it brought together government representatives, business leaders, tech experts, partners, developers and industry stakeholders from diverse countries around the world to explore new opportunities for an intelligent future as designed in the minds of developers at the Chinese tech giant.

The three-day event experienced keynote speeches, breakaway sessions, summits and exhibitions, allowing participants to experience the innovation and application of intelligent technology in the industry and communicate face-to-face with technical experts who were educated about the latest solutions.

It is a unique platform created by the company to reveal innovative solutions it has been working on for the year, and this year was no exception. Huawei is cementing its commitment into the intelligent world aimed at making it one of the world’s major cloud service provider.

Huawei’s All Intelligence strategy

The company has worked tirelessly with industry to drive information and communications technology forward. As artificial intelligence gains momentum and its impact on industry continues to grow, Huawei’s All Intelligence strategy has been designed to help all industries make the most of new strategic opportunities presented by AI to be efficient.

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its conceptualisation in science fiction. What was once an imaginative idea is now a reality, revolutionising various aspects of human lives. From self-driving cars to natural language processing, artificial intelligence is transforming industries and reshaping the future.

Huawei is not relenting on plans it conceived in 2016 to develop an AI-powered solutions to serve as a platform for an intelligent world across diverse verticals in the space as well as develop a competent computing support system as part of its bid to become a partner of choice for individual, corporate and government consumers worldwide, a programme developer disclosed during a tour by a group of Africa journalists from Ghana, Kenya and South Africa at its Shanghai office.

On display were a number AI interventions that have been designed to ensure efficiency in a number of sectors – all aimed at making its clients efficient and competitive.

Building on its theme ‘Accelerating Intelligent Transformation’, the company is determined to strengthen AI technologies – deepening the synergy between hardware, software, chips, edge, devices and cloud to provide fertile ground for a thriving ecosystem.

The company’s goal is to help meet the diverse AI computing needs of different industries i.e. manufacturing, mining and construction, among others, to make them very competitive and offering first-class service to their clients.

Huawei believes that as artificial intelligence takes centre-stage on the global stage and its impact on different industries continues to grow, the company’s All Intelligence strategy is designed to help all industries make the most of new strategic opportunities presented by AI.

TECH4ALL project

The tech giant is not only involve in the AI revolution but through its TECH4ALL initiative, it is also deepening digital inclusion with the aim of bringing digital infrastructure to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected and intelligent world.

1000 teachers and 3000 students in Ghana benefit

The company says its experience has revealed that digital technology and strategic partnerships are instrumental in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable digital world.

To that end, Huawei and UNESCO are working with the Ministries of Education and other partners in Ghana, Egypt and Ethiopia to implement the Technology-enabled Open School Systems (TeOSS) project from 2020 to 2024.

The project, which is in its fourth year running, involves designing, testing, implementing and scaling up crisis-resilient school systems that can connect school- and home-based learning to ensure the continuity and quality of learning under both normal and crises situations.

The Technology-based Open School Systems for All Project (TECH4ALL) has made a positive impact in Ghana, benefitting 1000 teachers and 3000 students.

In Ethiopia, 12,000 students and 250 educators have benefitted while 950,000 K-12 educators in Egypt have been enrolled.

In line with UN SDG4, TeOSS will form the basis for powering the digital transformation of the educational sector and support the three UNESCO member-states – Ghana, Ethiopia and Egypt – in building resilient education systems that can withstand global disruptions such as COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched in 2019, TECH4ALL is Huawei’s long-term digital inclusion and sustainability initiative. Its ethos is driven by Huawei’s mission and vision: to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the initiative focuses on helping to address major global challenges.

To achieve that, TECH4ALL focuses on four key areas: education, environmental protection, healthcare, and rural development.

In collaboration with its partners, it has designed diverse programmes to reach remote communities and priority populations. These include people with disabilities, children, unemployed youths, women and the elderly. Furthermore, it is using digital technology to help protect the environment and enable more sustainable use of natural resources.

Through training and increased accessibility, Huawei aims to extend the benefits of these technologies to more people and promote environmental protection. The company is using digital technology to support environmental conservation and sustainable natural resource management.

The collaboration with environmental groups worldwide is to leverage digital devices, networks and cloud solutions for monitoring and protecting fragile ecosystems.

The solutions developed are already enhancing the efficiency and safety of rangers and conservationists in protected areas across the Philippines, Mauritius, Mexico and Italy.

The initiative is also actively contributing to biodiversity conservation efforts in 46 protected areas globally. Huawei’s overarching vision is to provide digital connectivity to every individual, home and organisation in the intelligent world.

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