Waya Money allows customers to spend and give more

Delali Adiamah

Waya Money, a start-up in the fintech industry, is enabling customers to send and receive money across platforms at no charge – especially this Christmas season.

The wave of Coronavirus brought to the world’s attention the importance of cashless transactions. Statistics prove that more mobile money was used in 2020 than in previous years, and most banks focused their marketing on digital banking packages. These, however, came with the burden of transaction charges to senders and recipients of cash.

Delali Adiamah, CEO of Waya Money, explained that taking away the cost of sending money across platforms is because many are willing to gift and share more when there is no cost to the transactions. “By doing this, we’re making sure that no one has a reason for not sending a little cash gift to those expecting it this Christmas,” he said.

He disclosed that in Kenya and Nigeria, where the service also exists, more and more people are sending random cash gifts to loved ones. “This is the world we want to see; where more and more people download Waya Money on the App store or Google Play,” he opined.

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