Rockville Construction Limited supports Alhahaq Islamic School & Children’s Home


Rockville Construction Limited has made a generous donation to the Alhahaq Islamic School & Children’s Home in Zenu, a suburb of Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region.

It has donated items like stationeries, toiletries and drinks, along with learning materials to create a nurturing environment where the children can thrive academically.

The gesture is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to promoting education, compassion and access to quality education.

It described education as a fundamental right for every child regardless of their background or circumstances, adding that some children still face limited educational resources.

The company believes that this initiative is crucial in bringing about transformative changes to the lives of children at the school and children’s home.

Rockville Construction Limited’s CSR initiatives reflect their core values and passion for positively impacting society. They aim to inspire a love for learning among these young individuals, and empower them to chase their dreams. By going beyond the conventional boundaries of business, Rockville Construction Limited is building not only structures but also a better future.

Speaking on the initiative, Miss Kristine Howard stated that: “We believe every child deserves access to quality education. By providing these books and learning materials, we hope to inspire a love for learning among these young individuals and empower them to chase their dreams. We are not just building structures; we are building a better future”.

She therefore called on others, saying: “Please get involved in our vision for a brighter tomorrow, wherein every child has the opportunity to receive a quality education and build a promising future. Let us work together to create lasting impacts that resonate far beyond the construction sites”.

The founder of the Alhahaq Islamic School & Children’s Home, Ahaji Ibrahim Baidoo, expressed his gratitude to the staff and management of Rockville Construction Limited for their love and support. He emphasised the timely assistance’s importance, especially as the new academic year is about to commence – when many parents will struggle to provide books for their children.

He took the opportunity to appeal for individuals and other organisations to come and aid them as Rockville Construction Limited has done. He added the rooms which provide shelter to the children need renovation, hence the appeals for support.

About Rockville

Rockville Construction Limited is a Ghanaian Construction and Civil engineering company that has been in existence since 2006 and works across the country executing works in the areas of general building construction, office remodelling, interior design, office fit-out and set-up, office renovations and maintenance and project management.

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