Admission World Consult adjudged Best Educational Consultancy Company 


Admission World Consult Limited, an Accra-based educational consultancy company with operations in Nigeria as well, has won the category of Educational Consultancy Company of the Year at the 2023 edition of the Ghana Business Standard Awards.

The awards ceremony, which was on the theme ‘Celebrating Organizations Committed to Remarkable Business Standards Geared towards Sustainable Growth in Ghana,’ is organised annually to celebrate organisations committed to remarkable business standards in their sectors and industry leaders breaking barriers of excellence across the Ghanaian business region.

Responding to this achievement, the CEO and founder of Admission World, Shadrack Otchere, was grateful to organisers of the event for the recognition. He stressed the fact that it is very important as an individual to seek personal development via education.

“Education is and has always been that one thing no one can take away from you. When you are educated, you guide the next generation to enlightenment. There are now so many modern ways of doing things; it could be science, technology, media or even music.

“Studying abroad exposes you to these modern technological means that help with your personal development and career advancement. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to acquire global skills and access personal and professional opportunities, which will in turn build you up to help you contribute in solving some of the challenges faced by your home country,” he opined.

He urged government to also invest in the promotion of Ghana as a study destination to attract foreign students who may want to experience Ghanaian education and culture, as they will in turn contribute to the economy of Ghana since international students have been contributing millions of dollars to western economies.

Director in charge of Student Recruitment and International relations of Admission World Consult, Harriet Alexandra Ofosu, stressed measures the company is putting in place to ensure the recent housing crisis in Canada faced by international students does not affect students coming from Admission World Consult.

“As a company and an education stakeholder, we are aware of the recent housing crisis in Canada and how some international students are struggling to find accommodation in Canada – especially in big cities of the Ontario and British Columbia provinces. We as a company ensure that any student we place into institutions in Canada secures accommodation before they travel.

“We have partnerships with some real estate companies, and also run a model wherein our already enrolled students assist in securing accommodation for incoming ones to ensure they do not face challenges upon their arrival.”

Admission World Company Limited (AWCL) is an educational consultancy company based in Ghana with operations in Ghana and Nigeria. They are made up of professionals who have experienced foreign education and travel, and possess as well the expertise, qualification and experience in guiding students who seek study routes to achieve their dream careers.

Their expertise lies in helping students make informed decisions when it comes to choosing desired programmes which best fit their educational or career trajectory. They take students through programme selection, fee payment processes and all other processes involved in acquiring their student visas for their studies; while ensuring their already enrolled students, partners and university officials assist with airport pickups and job acquisitions.

Their mission is to ease students of all the complexities involved in gaining admission and visas to achieve their dream of studying in their desired destination. They hope to become the household name when it comes to seeking professional advice for admissions and study visas, and for safe travel abroad.

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